Why InBusiness?

Forget about SEO and internet marketing for a minute. In a business of any size, the vendors your company chooses to work with can make or break your company and results. We should know, because we are a small business ourselves.

How We Work… In a Nutshell

Watch this short video to see our process in action:

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We can’t tell you why you should work with us for your SEO, internet marketing, and website needs, because we are not you. What we can tell you is what we take into consideration when looking for vendors, when we need work done, and why we would choose InBusiness, Inc. to further our online initiatives if we were a company like yours.

Results!!! Not Just Results In The Past, But Recent, Measurable Results

We are not going to list them here because at this point they are unimportant. If you are considering InBusiness, Inc. as a service provider for training, consulting, or implementation, you will want to have us show you proof that our methods work and that we can indeed implement. Right now, we are going to focus on our core beliefs, advantages, and the way we do business. These are far more important than showing rankings. There are plenty of SEO companies that spend hundreds of thousands to rank for high traffic terms in our niche, but that doesn’t mean your company is going to get the same level of service. Once you know our core business philosophy, the technical ability to get results is the icing on the cake.

Educate, Be Transparent, Get Results

We have a pretty simple philosophy to getting and keeping our clients. Of course, it can be broken down into hundreds of steps, but from 50,000 feet it uses pretty simple concepts. The first step in the process is educating our clients so they can separate the B.S. from the truth in an industry where even experts have a hard time finding real answers to questions. With no regulation in the SEO industry, sales people can say anything and get away with it. By explaining the underlying factors of how everything works, and how we attack your project, we give clients and potential clients the power to judge whether their current provider, and us, are doing the job we get hired to do. This happens before we ever charge a dime.

Once our clients have the right information to make educated decisions about their online marketing, they need a way to track and keep us honest. In order to do that, we need to be transparent. To make sure we provide transparency to our clients, we use industry leading third party software to allow our clients 24/7 access to how their search engine rankings, and traffic are doing. Of course, we still send reports that are easy to read, but reports can be manipulated. With InBusiness, Inc. you can make your own reports. We have purposely made it so we have no way to hide results of our work.

We also use very simple-to-use project management system known as Basecamp (We love Basecamp and often recommend clients try organizing their business with it). Basecamp allows us to give access to our internal project management system to our clients. You get to see the same task, delivery dates, and to-do lists as we do.

Why would we do this? Doesn’t it just make our lives harder?

In short, YES! Having your clients looking over shoulder makes life a little more difficult. It also does something incredible. It forces you to constantly become better at what you do. It forces you to become better than your competitors who would not even think of providing that level of transparency.

Transparency Is Great But What About Getting Results?

Without results the rest is pointless. InBusiness, Inc. gets results by focusing its efforts on things that are going to provide results. Whether you want to work with us for training, consulting on how to structure your internal SEO strategy, or implementing your entire online marketing campaign, InBusiness, Inc. focuses on activities that get the most bang for the buck. If we give you all the answers here then you will never call us. Now that we have helped you understand what we think are the most important questions that need to be answered, give us a call at 321-281-8353 or request a quote on our website to get the answers to your technical questions and take the first step towards meeting your online goals.