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Looking to Beef Up Your Site’s Content?

In the world of Internet marketing, volatility is very high. Google may change their search algorithms and a site could drop from #1 to out of the top 10. In the past, having pages that were stuffed with keywords were enough to get your page to rank. Those days are gone now, and it requires much more to get your site to the top.

Having killer content has and always will be rewarded by search engines. Not only can you increase your traffic, but all of these new visitors are more likely to stay on your site, share your content with their social circles, and most importantly increase your conversion rates. InBusiness Inc. is here to help you make your site more attractive to search engines and visitors alike by offering press releases, sales copy, web-page content, infographics, and more!

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Is Your Ecommerce Site Not Selling As Much As It Could?

Ecommerce businesses experience some of the highest peaks and lowest valleys in terms of conversions. Without specialized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management tailored to Ecommerce, your business is left to the whims of customers. With InBusiness managing your paid search campaigns, you can make sure that your products are in the product boxes at the top of Google searches and in the front of your potential clients minds. Even more importantly, you can increase your product sales while also eliminating wasted ad spend.

Our PPC Management team has Ecommerce expertise that gives us the insight to take all of the historical data of existing campaigns, analyze it, and custom-tailor your advertising to maximize sales and lowering your cost per conversion. We discover what people are searching for and align your campaigns accordingly, so that you are only advertising to people who are looking to buy your products. That is just the tip of the iceberg for your Ecommerce store. With InBusiness Inc. assisting with your PPC campaigns, you are a step toward having a more profitable Ecommerce site and two steps in front of your competition.

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Does Your Website Need More Traffic Immediately?

Are you currently using an agency or individual to manage your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns? Are you trying to do paid advertising on your own? Are the results minimal? Our team of experts realizes that each client is unique and has different business needs. Our evaluation of your current PPC account and its historical data sets us apart from the competition. We make it our goal to learn about your business and not just the numbers attached to your account. That is what makes us unique in our industry. That is what makes us a leader.

We follow the best practices for PPC, but our expertise and passion goes well beyond best practices. Our client’s PPC advertising campaigns are absolute game changers for their businesses. Not sure if you believe us quite yet?

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Not Showing Up On Search Results?

Your site’s position in search results can have a massive impact on the profitability of your site. 60% of traffic goes to the top 3 search positions. The number 1 spot is 3 times more likely to be clicked than the number 2 spot. Can you imagine having 3 times the visitors on your site? Well, with organic search marketing, we can optimize your site and get it climbing the ladder to higher rankings.

Our organic search marketing team prides itself on achieving results while maintaining complete transparency. Not only will we tell you what we are doing, but we will tell you how we are doing it. This openness about our business procedures forces us to rely solely on our implementation, expertise, and efficiency to be better than our competition.

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Struggling to Stay Social?

Social media is a vital component to any business’s marketing strategy. No other medium allows you to build relationships that turn customers into repeat purchasers while also attracting new customers. If you’re not already actively participating in social media, then you are behind your competitors.

It’s not enough to just have a profile, you need to participate in the conversation that your customers are having. If this seems like a daunting task, that’s because it is. Who has time to reply to customer’s Facebook wall posts, find relevant content that will build a conversation, AND run their business’s day-to-day operations? Never fear, InBusiness Inc.’s team of professionals can manage your social media presence for you. We learn the in and outs of your industry, how your clients think, and how to position your company to maximize the amount of social interaction between your customers and you.

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