$10,000 Of Targeted Content Already Inside Your Company And How To Unlock It

Mountain Of Content

Mountain Of ContentA mountain of content you didn’t know existed lies sleeping inside your company, and you don’t necessarily need a consultant to help you unlock it. If you can discover how to use it, you will be at a huge advantage over most companies who hire non-qualified writers to write the same 101 beginner articles by researching on the web for a few minutes. These types of articles won’t establish your company as experts and they won’t reach experts in the marketplace that you are most likely trying to target.

What is the solution?

Gaining the awareness of your target market using organic search is all about showing up in the search results when potential customers are searching for answers.  Many of those initial questions are basic 101’s but their searches usually end with some much more specific queries. Here is an example of a typical searchers progression in a B2B marketing place:

This isn’t my best researched example, but it will work to serve the point. People tend to end their searches with long-tail queries that results in the use of very specific and detail keyword phrases that 101 content tends to miss. It takes someone with industry experience who knows the pains of a marketplace to truly know all the industry jargon and phrases that customers will be using to solve their problems.  Having answers to questions that only 30 or 40 people are asking is the reason why forums generate so much traffic. They answer these questions. The odd thing is, your company is probably answering these questions already as well.  Those answers just aren’t getting out to the world.

How to unlock your mountain of content

Every business has a huge amount of documentation associated with day to day activities. Lawyers have case briefs, log cabin installers have documented issues with job sites,  software engineers have notes about what pains customers complain about, plumbers have details about jobs that are performed and what was clogging the sink. All of these make potentially keyword rich content that search engines would love. All it takes is a little bit of setup to develop a system to unlock that content, and use it to start getting the keyword rich content onto your website where it will attract clients.

Here is how to set it up

Step 1: Identify the people in your company that have a substantial amount of contact with your target marketing. Generally these will be either customer service, sales, or people in the field such as installers, tech support, or the people actively working on the projects.

Step 2: Develop a simple document that acts as a template to explain how they should structure their work summaries or client issue summaries. Once the template is complete, all they have to do is follow it to have a well developed and informing content piece.

 (This step is key or staffers may find the task to difficult if they are not a good writer. If you cannot develop this, InBusiness, Inc. can assist you with this process.)

Step 3: Most businesses who try this technique fail because they simply tell their already overworked employees that they now need to write blog posts. Instead, try using the carrot instead of the stick. Develop contest or incentive program where they can win something of significant value such as a $100 gift card. If you have a highly paid staff who’s time is valuable it may require a strong incentive.  You may also tell them that they can make additional money by writing these interaction summaries. It will generally be cheaper to offer a larger price than paying by the post. Your goal is to get multiple staff involved.

Step 4: Designate the person that content should be sent to, and who will act as an editor to polish up the pieces. (If you don’t have someone suitable, InBusiness, Inc. can provide you with affordable editing.)

Step 5: Make sure that these summaries are getting published regularly. As long as the summaries have an issue the job or client faced, and the solution that was provided. There is a good chance you have just gained some additional search engine traffic that none of your competitors are targeting.

Added Bonus: Setup a Google+ and Google Authorship account for the staff members that become active publishers.  It will increase the authority of your staff which will make your company appear to have more experience than competitors and will have increased the search rankings of the articles written.

This is a fairly simple process that often takes less than a week to get setup and can yield business changing results. When you compare the quality and focus of the content,  it is also far cheaper to use this method than to pay a writer outside your company to come up with similar quality material.


<a href="">David Wolf</a> is the founder of InBusiness, Inc. He is also an avid entrepreneur. David is an avid reader, and an expert at SEO, PPC, and inbound marketing strategies.