2 Corporate Blogging Tips

Almost everyone out there has started a blog, and this is one of those areas where you either do really well, or you don’t- and there are very few that are in between. If you don’t think that there are some major players in corporate blogging, first have a look. The following is a list of just a few corporate blogs that I know about:
Wal Mart (No kidding, Wal Mart has a blog):
Bank of America:

I could probably keep going, if you wanted, but you get the idea. Blogs aren’t just for small businesses or online only places. How are these blogs making it work? Well, here are a few ideas to get you started in corporate blogging.

•It’s not ALL about you- make sure that you are not making the blog to only talk about the services or products that you provide. You might be trying to boost your sales or get your name out there, but this is dull. It’s boring, it’s dull and honestly, only a select few people enjoy a solid stream of information in that way. The success stories that you see not only talk about themselves, but they also talk about things that matter to a broader range of people. For instance, let’s have a look at the Whole Foods blog- since I did not mention that, the link is:
Now, you will note that the very first blogs on the page are not so much about Whole Foods- no, these are human interest stories- things that matter to a great number of people. Scrolling around the site a bit, you can see that there are not only recipes, there are stories about the FDA regulations, stories about Haiti, health and many other topics mingled in with deals and information about Whole Foods. This is smart for several reasons, from an SEO standpoint- these are high trend topics in the search engines, these are things that really do catch people’s attention. From a branding perspective, these showcase a caring, very involved company.

•Focus, people. This one may seem counter intuitive to the first point, but it isn’t. What is the message you intend to convey, the image of the company you’re looking to promote. For attorneys, you may want to blog about advocacy from time to time, you may want to add a bit of what you give to the community. Whole Foods’ blog may seem to run a gauntlet of information- but, it all has a common factor. This is a health food store- the topics are all about health food, healthy living, food in general, and yes, they throw in charitable causes for good measure- but it’s all very relevant to the image they wish to project, the theme of their business. Basically what you need to do with a blog is to ensure that you’re giving the reader what they came for.