4 Things That Better Be In Your Newsletters

You may have been thinking about perhaps publishing a weekly or monthly newsletter for your law firm, but really asking yourself what you’d want to have in there, exactly. Having a great newsletter is a way to build up trust with potential clients and therefor, enhance your marketing potential. In this, we will go into some of the things that you can use to make your newsletter a valuable marketing tool.

Legal Issues in the News

Law NewsletterDiscussing new legislation and breaking it down in a simple, clean way is often a great way to gain new clients and foster stronger trust bonds with those you already have. Being able to discuss current legal matters or cases in the news from your perspective is one often overlooked but great place to begin marketing via a newsletter. Giving your own perspective on current, high profile cases and predicted outcomes can often bring about not only sparked interest in you as an attorney, but also showcase your own style of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many, many areas where people may be a little cloudy on certain laws- even pertaining to your own particular branch of practice. Why not talk about those a bit, really explain and answer questions prospective clients have and offer a link or an email address that questions for future newsletters can be submitted? This is one very good way to obtain new clients as it shows a willingness to be forthright and helpful. Often, people who have questions that they need answers for, will go on to need an attorney- and whoever helps the most is usually who they will approach.

Your Own Involvement in Your Community

Benefits and causes that you take part in built trust, and talking about them or promoting them in an on line newsletter is a brilliant win/win situation. Being able to sort of briefly outline pro bono work you are involved in, or even just a charitable cause you feel passionately about is a wonderful way to both promote your charity and also engender trust in your business.


Discussing your opinion on a broad range of hard hitting topics is also another area you can really shine when putting out an on line newsletter. Having strong convictions and a stable knowledge of the events that impact your client base is another thing that can set you apart from the rest. Often, attorneys shy away from this area for fear that they will alienate groups- but it is a gamble that often pays off in quite a big way by showing a sharp and intelligent grasp of the things that matter most to people.

As you can see, keeping a monthly, bimonthly or even a weekly newsletter is a great way to bring about a better way of marketing yourself through the web. Being able to maintain an open line of communication on line is often one of the best marketing tactics an attorney can take to promote themselves and build a better client following and trust.