7 Steps To Using Social Media For Nonprofit Organizations

1. Think of social media marketing as an investment.
By using social media networks, you are creating relationships that will continue to benefit your organization beyond initial contact.

2. Start with the right person for the job.
Is there someone in your organization who uses social media networks regularly? Make sure that the person in charge of initiating and maintaining your presence on social media sites is familiar with the way these sites work. This will make it easier for them to do their job and make your presence on these sites more effective.

3. Find the right social media for you.
Not every social media site is the same. Make sure you do your research, look over the site, see what social media other organizations are using and how they are using it. Keep in mind who is using the sites as well. You want to connect with the people who need you, and the best way to do that is to create a space for them using the same social media they use.

4. Do your research.
Before you even set up an account, do an internet search to see if there are any profiles on social networking sites that might be confused with your organization’s name. You never know, there could be another organization pretending to be you! Or, you may simply have an enthusiastic supporter who created a similar name. In any case, you want to make sure that your presence registers with social networking users, so make your name unique.

5. Don’t go overboard.
It’s a good idea to start small, with one or two social networks, like a blog and a Twitter account or a Facebook page. Make sure you are coordinated in your efforts so you don’t get overwhelmed with internet sites and confused as to which site you are using at any one time.

5. Take time to primp.
Take the time to make sure that your digital logos are sharp and will look good on social networking sites. Also, take the time to design your profile, carefully choosing appealing colors and creating easy ways for people to contact you. This is marketing, after all. You want to attract people to your organization, and the best way to do that is with a professionally designed site and a sleek look.

6. Post creative content.
Users of social networking sites will pass around content that is exciting and fresh, so make sure that your posts are interesting as well as relevant to your cause. That way your network can expand and you can more effectively get the word out to the people who need to hear it.

7. Communicate consistently.
Since you have found the right person for the job in Step Two, assign that person the duty of updating statues regularly, accepting friend requests, distributing content, and keeping your presence fresh on social networks. If your use of social networks is inconsistent, then it is not effective.