A Site By Any Other Name

If you’re looking at purchasing a low cost domain name that will actually help your business, you need to think about the options that are out there. In short, the domain is the URL address for your website- it’s the bit after “www.” and usually these are things like .com, .co, .uk, .org, .edu, and .net and the like. When you’re looking at the terms and everything- a top level domain is going to be your site. That’s it, it’s the one that’s at the root. For instance this website is:
That is the top level domain, and when you go to the About Me page, this is the second level:

If you have your business website hosted by a particular service provider, you end up with a two part URL. This will include the provider’s address as the first, as it’s the root, then it will have the webmaster address as the second- this would be a lower level domain name and it looks pretty choppy.
Pages like this usually get sent to the more supplementary pages of the search, and this doesn’t really help much. So, for the most part, if you’re working with a webmaster it is highly likely that they are going to look for a better name- that is, they’ll register your name. If this is a do it yourself SEO scenario, this is where you would want to go ahead and find a domain name that makes sense, is top level and is something people can remember easily.

If your budget is tight, you may have considered signing on with one of the cheaper domain registries only to find that you also have to host with them. Worse, signing up for a free site to find out they plaster your site with ads. For small business owners, or those in start up, this may be something of a minor hurdle- but it is one that I don’t see too many people talk about. This is probably because even when you’re thinking about small business, you imagine a great budget for this sort of thing- problem is, and I’ve found this out, not all businesses in start up have that kind of wiggle room. So, these things may be a temporary option for those who perhaps do not have the kind of budget to obtain both the domain and hosting. Make sure that you’re dealing with an honest and reputable provider who has great customer service- I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen people get saddled with lousy customer service and have to deal with all sorts of issues because of that. However, once you’ve got all of this in place, think about what you’re calling your website.

A short, memorable domain name is best, something attention catching, but at the same time- not all that easy to misspell. It’s best if you can manage to indicate what sort of products you’re selling, or the services you offer in the title- but if you can’t, your company name is often a good alternative.