A Tip Of The Hat To Find And Convert’s Bernie Borges

After you become an expert in a field you often have the chance to witness people speaking at conferences that really shouldn’t be speaking at conferences. This was not the case when my sales manager asked me to visit an advertising association meeting at the Citrus Club in Orlando, FL, last month. It was supposed to be a social media presentation.

This was on track to be disappointing because they almost always fall somewhat short. Sometimes it is due to the speaker, but most times it is due to the audience themselves. They want to know about the technical trickery of social media without having a solid footing on the precursors to capitalizing on social media channels. They do not understand the concept that in order to talk about something and have people remain interested, you must first have something interesting to talk about. It is for this reason that I was delighted to discover that Mr. Borges did not intend on giving a tech oriented social media speech that day. He instead provided a blueprint that any company would be wise to follow on how to create content that your target marketing would find interesting. This lesson is one that is far more valuable than how to use tool to get Facebook pages up in 30 seconds flat.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Borges presentation. It was actionable without being overly technical. The information was perfectly positioned for the experience level of the crowd. Both the content and Mr. Borges delivery on the content kept me engaged during the entire 1 hour presentation. Although I have not read Marketing 2.0, if the book is a clear and concise as the concepts covered in his presentation, I am sure the content is of valuable nature. Attending his presentation would be time well spent for anyone who is not an expert in creating valuable content for selective consumption by their target marketing….(Important for social media). It also served as a great refresher for someone who sees the impact these concepts have on businesses intelligent enough to practice them.

If you were considering having Mr. Borges speak, I believe you will thrilled with the results. There website is at


David Wolf
CEO – InBusiness, Inc.

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