Ad Position in Paid Per Clicks

Ad position, as it relates to search engine marketing is basically exactly what it says it is. Wherever the ad you have purchased is located in the browser window of the user whenever your ad comes up on the search they’ve initiated. This is usually determined by how much you bid per click, the relevance of the ad itself, and how many click through conversions that particular ad has obtained. (That is, how many people actually click through the ad to the site you’re linking to via the ad.)

One of the ways that you can improve your paid per click ad’s ranking is by increasing its relevance. This can be done by simply making sure that your keywords are well organized and thought out, and putting them all into ad groups around certain, related keywords, for a start. Also, making sure the landing page is highly relevant to the ad, as well as avoiding the use of negative keywords and making sure that you are utilizing exact match keywords. An exact match keyword simply refers to exactly what you are selling. For instance, if your company is selling plates, rather than using a keyword like “dinner ware”, you would say, “red serving plates” and the like- that would also be a longer tail keyword, the importance of which is often overlooked.

As to better content, you have got to make sure that the content that you are linking to, is exactly what that user wants to or expects to find when they click the ad. Many engage in misleading practices in this regard and actually all this does is annoy the user and they don’t stay on that page for very long- therefor, the point of the ad is completely missed and you’ve just wasted whatever it was you bid on that click. It’s ultimately a pointless practice and one that is pretty highly frowned upon by most search engines, anyway.

If that landing page clearly spells out exactly what it is the ad was talking about, and then elaborates on the product or service you are advertising- even better. At this point in the game, that content on the landing page needs to be clear, concise and carrying each and every keyword that you used for your ad. If you have already done your homework as to which keywords are most popular as it stands with your particular product or service, you will find that this comes together very nicely. Don’t worry about overloading the landing page with too much information, instead, link to other areas in your site’s directory. Make sure that the landing page loads quickly, smoothly and more importantly is pretty clean and to the point.

These are just a few tips we’ll talk about insofar as paid per click ads. If you plan to include them in your online marketing, really do your research as to the right ways, the wrong ways- and the way your competitors are making them work for them, and you’ll be a step ahead on your ppc campaign.