Amazon Sponsored Product Ads…. Damn Good Traffic

If you are in the ecommerce space and you are not leveraging amazon sponsored products than you are missing the boat. We recently acquired a new client that does over 1 million in sales on Amazon that was requested that we look into the platform, as his last firm simply ignored his request. We doug in and I was blown away be the effectiveness of the traffic. The traffic is typically less expensive per click and converts higher than adwords or bing and yahoo. I believe this is primarilly because people browsing amazon are in a buying mindset. Combine the Amazon Product Ads with a remarketing campaign and you can really start to do some damage.

Several thing you will want to know before getting started….

You have to have a product feed setup. For most seasoned ecommerce stores you can use the same product feed that you are submitting to Google base.

Amazon’s targeting features aren’t as robust as other advertising platform.

You products get grouped into categories and pricing bins. You can bid on each pricing bin but thats a granular as it gets. Make sure you are setting up propoer tracking so that you can see how the ads are doing by sku. Pause ineffective products that generate clicks, but not sales.

Overall the traffic is inexpensive, converts well, and provides a more balanced marketing approach.

Note: It is never a good idea to rely on one source of business for 75% of revenue as many companies do for Adwords and Google.

What about services?

Sorry….. Products ads are only for those that are selling physical products.

Want some help? The InBusiness, Inc. paid ad team turned the amazon product ad inventory options inside out to develop a proprietary strategy to deliver high profit campaigns for ecommerce. Take a test drive by requesting an audit of your paid advertising.

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