And the Year Ahead..

So now that I’ve taken a quick look at only a few of the changes that occurred in 2009, what may come in 2010? Is it a mystery? Not really- very few things in terms of search engine marketing go un-announced often times, they are heralded months in advance to get the anticipation up and quite a number of things are on the table for the new year. I anticipate there are going to be quite a lot more than just the ones that we know about currently, however, there are a few sure things that have been slated for either release or improvement in the coming year. Just a few of them are listed here as I’ve seen them presented.

I already mentioned that page load times were going to become more important, and sure enough, if you check out the Google AdWords frequently asked questions, that’s on the table for 2010. This of course, was nothing that I pegged before anyone else- an article from 2008 on by Barry Schwartz
highlighted it, and many others have been speculating on how much and when this would occur.

Social Search– this is one that has been back and forth, back and forth, but, most search engines are actively working towards making real time search a very serious contender in the new year. The biggest thing, I think, which has not been getting as much attention here is in this area- you consider the fact that there are roughly 377 Tweets per second, and think about the potential there in social search. It’s a great deal bigger than most people realize.

HTML 5: Oh, yes. It’s going to happen. Of course, this is not really going to impact search engine optimization for another few years, but seeing it more fully fleshed out has many people quite excited over what it can mean for marketing and on line business.

Consider also this year the rise of video- which had already made great strides forward- and the fact that under Google- Youtube is the next search in the list. That’s a pretty clear indicator that visual media insofar as video and the like, is becoming even more important than ever. And I am sure that we’re going to be seeing a great deal more in the way that on line businesses trend upwards- both for those with traditional brick and mortars backing them, and purely on line entities. It seems as though this year was a pretty good year for the on line market and I feel confident that next year is going to be a great deal better, continuing the trend.