As A Reach Local Client You Need To Read This

reach LocalOver the past few months I have had over a dozen  small and medium size businesses contact me that were curious about other options they may have than Reach Local to reach local customers online. Like your company, they had been using Reach local and were relatively unimpressed with the results. The marketing materials their sales rep showed looked amazing, they had a slick interface, and tons of bells and whistles like call tracking and recording. They signed the three month contract and  waited to see the results. Unfortunately the results they received left them unsatisfied, and wanting more.

What Is The Problem?

The problem stems from how reach local operates. Its entire business model focuses on high commission sales that mean most of the money you spending never actually goes towards your marketing. Most people don’t realize that Reach Local is effectively a middleman between Google Adwords and your business.

About 90% of business a company would generate from using reach local comes from google Adwords and other Pay Per Click Marketing  Reach Local buys. That would not be a bad thing if you couldn’t get access to Google Adwords directly for free.  So where is the benefit in using a company like reach local?

The benefit should be in how knowledgeable they are about marketing your business using the Google Adwords system. That way they could achieve a better return using Google Adwords than if you used it yourself. Unfortunately that is not usually the case. This is the main reason why Google Adwords is not mentioned in the reach local sales pitch. Neither are the words Pay Per Click. In fact, because Reach Local has so many clients (Over 10,000) they use an algorithm that determines how a campaign should be run.

A Better Mouse Trap For Small Business Paid Advertising?

reach local mouse trapSo is there a better solution for getting great results using paid advertising on Google than Reach Local? A solution where you don’t have to be an expert to get results? Absolutely! Google Adwords, like most things in life is a tool that can be used effectively, and ineffectively. The key is getting an extremely knowledgeable Internet Marketing Consultant that manages you campaigns directly from the Google Adwords interface.

At InBusiness, Inc. we don’t stand in between the client and Google Adwords, we stand to the side and let our clients see everything. We pull the curtain back and show you exactly what we see. No smoke and mirrors. See if your Reach Local rep will allow you to see the keyword click reports directly from Google on your advertising campaign. They won’t because you would be very upset.

We are not here to say the Reach Local is a bad company, just that there are better alternatives for companies who have the budget that they are spending with reach local. InBusiness offers a free trial period to current reach local clients so that they can compare the results and see for themselves. We don’t make anything until after you are convinced that we would be a better solution. To give an offer like, you better believe that if could not get results, we would be out of business. Are you ready to get 50% to 400% more leads from the same marketing budget you are currently using with reach local? Contact us today and we will explain why there is such a big difference. Reference will also be provided from previous reach local clients on the impact the change has had on their business.

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