ASIN Merge’s & How To Deal With Them – Lessons In Amazon Selling

You did it! You successfully listed your items on This is an impressive task as there are so many requirements that have to be met. Did you then get an ASIN merged notification? It is very important not to ignore these notifications and to act on them right away.

In the infancy days listing products was as simple as sending a basic text file with your product information. Any questions that you may have had was answered by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member that you could actually reach by phone.

Flash forward to modern day With over 630,000 sellers on Amazon, the marketplace became too big and customers were getting lost. Amazon took steps to merge like items offered by multiple sellers and increased the requirements to sell on Amazon. This has had good outcomes and has also created headaches for sellers too.

The benefit of merging listings is that all reviews for that item will be available on the page. It does not matter who the reviewer purchased the item from. Additionally, customers are not getting lost in a huge online shopping mall. The headaches do outweigh the benefits.

One such caveat is that one seller may not have used the correct description or image for the item that you are selling but Amazon decided to use their content and image instead of the correct information. This will inevitably create a bad customer experience for you and will lead to negative feedback or an A to Z claim.   There are a couple of ways to remedy a bad merge.

The first is a short term fix as it is quite possible that Amazon will merge the ASIN with another seller who supplies bad information. To initiate the process, contact Amazon through Seller Support to have your item unmerged with the other seller. This is not as simple as it sounds. You will need to supply the ASIN of the item you are inquiring about, an image of the item that contains the UPC or a link to the manufacturer’s website that contains the UPC code. I would not recommend giving Amazon the url link as Amazon would then have a direct connection with your manufacturer and will, without fail, contact them to start selling direct. Once Amazon has this information and verifies it to be true they will either unmerge the listings or use your image and description.

The second way to remedy a bad merge is to prevent it in the first place. If you own your brand you can apply for the Brand Registry for Amazon. If you are successful in getting the registry Amazon will not merge your listings with any other sellers by issuing your listings unique ASINs. Just think, correct images, correct descriptions and your very own ASIN that will never belong to anyone else, ever.

Go ahead, and keep listing items on Amazon just pay attention to the ASIN merges as you do not want to be left holding the financial end of the purchase when the customer calls and says they did not get what they ordered. Better yet, secure the Brand Registry and retain your very own ASIN. If you found this article helpful, please share it.

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