Basic Content Optimization

The talk of why content is so important wears on- there’s always room to discuss the why and how’s of content supply, but how do you make sure that the content you have works for your search engine optimization program? There are a few key things to remember when you are creating content, and I tend to lean towards user friendliness, making it so that it’s readable and that the visitors to your site can actually use it. However, there are a few ways that you can make sure that you are also making it enticing to search engine spiders and therefor helping your rank. You do not have to sacrifice the user friendly experience in order to do this, and you can balance both.

All too often, people are not sure where to start. There’s good reason- there are numerous changes you can make to a web site’s content and sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what to do first. However, there are a few basic things that can help you to get started. Beginning with the webmaster- you have to decide what you need to do to improve your position in the search engine rankings. Having a look, first at keyword research- which is another area I talk about quite a lot. When you look into your particular niche, consider your competition, the most requested terms, and you will generally be able to identify which key words are used by the audience you are looking to target. Of course, as is often said- you have to use it in the title and meta tags, definitely, but also, it’s vital to use them on the page itself. After all, it’s the words on that page you’re wanting to get positioned, isn’t it? Getting right down to the very base of things: just make sure you’re using the keywords you want to target in your text often enough.

I think everyone wants to have a really excellent site where it just stands out. The problem here is that when you throw in so many graphics and even when there is a great deal of text on the pages, so many people forget or fail to put the search terms they want to rank with. Take for example, if you sell cherry cheesecake. You’re wanting to get rankings for the terms, “cherry cheesecake”- so, of course this would be a keyword phrase you’d use, right? All too often, that’s not the case, and the text will read “home baked goods from the heart”- which is nice, it’s appealing, but not to the spiders. You can balance this, with the user friendly experience by targeting “cherry cheesecake” even still. You just can’t achieve the kind of results you’re looking for unless you’re utilizing fairly consistent and frequent use of the term, “cherry cheesecake”, though. Using exact terms is important. Even if you’re working with longtail, “the best home baked cherry cheesecake” nails your target keyword phrase, and, may be something users are looking for exactly- all at the same time.