Being Careful With Your SEO

Ultimately, the search engines aren’t really wanting you to know a great deal about search engine optimization. The end goal of a search is to get the user to the site that gives them the information they want, simply put. However, what you do when you work with search engine optimization, is you sort of gear the search engine to displaying your link, first. Anyone who knows about how the internet works, the way that most users are seeking that ‘instant gratification’ knows that this is important. As I’ve said before, if you look at how long the average internet user spends per page, you realize, you’ve got a very small window.

Here are a few of the “What Not To Do”s when working with search engine optimization.

Rather than get into all of the definitions where we’re talking about grey hat, white hat, and black hat, I feel like it would simply be easier to say, “Here’s what you don’t want to do, if you want to save yourself time and sometimes money in search engine optimization”- because it is true, if you are not careful, you can end up with penalties or having to deal with the search engine sandboxing your site.

One of the best things you can do is to have a consult with someone who understands SEO- because usually, the mistakes a business makes in this aren’t intentional, it just results from rushing things along to get your results faster and not having a clear understanding of the ins and outs of search engine optimization. A few things  are done but should not be, and this is usually where you get into that “black hat” area. You may have read about them, spamdexing- those articles that just don’t make any sense, but contain a mess of keywords? Not a good thing. The others are making use of a popular site and misspelling the URL- you’ve probably accidentally keyed in the wrong URL and suddenly found yourself beset with pop ups? Yes, that.

The problem with these techniques, and others like them, is that the internet is a highly competitive place. If you think you’re going to cut some corners and no one will notice, you’re probably wrong. Smart businesses keep an eye on the competition and what is a hugely popular site via nefarious means one week, may find itself shut out of the searches the next- because yes, your competition will tattle. So, being very careful as you do not only build your site, but the way that you use your online marketing campaign, this is important for another reason. If your seo is ethical, then you’re not going to have any problems. If it’s not, you may find yourself dealing with more hassle than its worth, once you have to remake your site and your online marketing plan all over again- trust me, cutting corners is just not worth it.