Bing and Google Go At It

_binggoogleIf you’re keeping up with all things SEO, you probably know that the competition between search engines can be fierce- and it appears to be getting even more so. This is great news for anyone who is using search engine optimization, good news for the customers and clients and makes for the whole thing to run in a much more interesting fashion as the two big names in search engines go head to head to see who can be the best. Google and Bing have been fighting it out for months, now, and there are a number of things going on that will benefit you, both as a business using online marketing, and as a customer or client surfing the web for information, products and services.

I believe I touched on the fact that both have released a Twitter integration, and how this also applies to Facebook, but also, recently Bing has released the Wolfram Alpha integration, which is actually a really useful tool in health management- not very useful in marketing, but, there is a reason I mention these things and I will get to that further into this blog. Bing also offers full page weather reports, and Facebook previews. As to Google, they’ve not been slacking in the options department, either with an update to SafeSearch that allows searchers to lock their level of safesearch, with a password to needed to change the setting. They have also made improvements to their movie listings, enabling genre filters and making the pages more inclusive. Both have seemingly competitive mapping applications and they both continue to work on spam busting and seem to be vying with eachother for that top search spot- making things so much better for those who use search engines.

But what does all of this have to do with online marketing? Quite a lot actually. With the competition between various search engines- not just these two, the search engines continue to improve upon themselves- making them much more valuable to the user, the client, and the customer. So, the appeal of the search engines goes up- meaning, the need for online marketing is greater because, you want that broader exposure and you can certainly benefit from the changes with the search engine wars because of that. Understanding that the improvements in the search engines means more potential customers, clients and the like looking through search results is a pretty simple concept. If you want to reach more people, and a broader demographic- you go to where those people are congregating. If you’re using online marketing and search engine optimization tactics, well, you’re going to all those places and more.