Bing Product Ads Optimization Tips From The Trenches

Admittedly Bing Products don’t get as much attention as Google’s but that is all changing. They are starting to come on strong along with Amazon product ads and can’t be ignored. During investigation into a clients feeds I found some information that I had either previously learned and then forgot, or simply never knew in the 1st place that you may find actionable to improve your own performance.

Insight 1) price and availability update, will go live quickly (about 2 hours), but new products can take up to three days to be approved before ads will show. We were managing a client feed by filtering all out of stock products from the feed for intentional purposes even though that is not traditional best practice, but have switched our primary product filtering to In stock/Out of Stock instead of removing from the feed entirely when out of stock due to this potentially long delay.

Insight 2) at the time of this posting there appears to be a glitch in one of the upload feed sections in the bing merchant center.  It is better to upload using the manual upload tab from the catalog management page than the “edit catalog file tab in catalog summary page. It shouldn’t make a difference but apparently sometimes it does. We lost a day because we made this mistake without knowing.

Insight 3) Our client was having really irrelevant products showing up for important keywords, and not showing up for other that were important. We realized that their descriptions had not be properly  optimized, leaving only the titles for Bing to match. The result was having almost no visibility unless many of the keywords in the title were searched. This particular client generates much of it’s business on generic, non-brand search terms, so optimization was needed. We decided to use tags for description instead of a traditional paragraph format since there is not product description show in Bing product ads to consumers. It work, the results have been business changing for the company in a matter of days increasing revenues by 20% with a very healthy margin (this is a company doing between 400-600k/month so It’s not  a small jump.

Try these optimizations yourself and be sure not be stingy when you find some of your own.




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