Bing's Guide To SEO

I was reading through the search engine pages’ blogs, when I ran across one written by Bing back in September that kind of interested me. I had not really considered that you would have to do anything different to optimize for Bing, but I suppose that someone must have wondered about it- and lo, this is where the blog comes in. The author of the blog mentions that they had attended the SMX Advanced and the SES San Jose, and had been asked questions about search engine optimization, specifically suited to Bing. Rajesh Srivastava, Principal Group Program Manager, Bing goes into an explanation of how Bing is different, and refers to it as a “decision engine” rather than a “search engine”- but what’s the difference?

I suppose it does not come as a surprise that you would have to consider different things for Bing than you would for Google, and the author of this blog points out that Bing operates on a new user-interface design. However, what the blog points out are more examples of the differences for the searchers themselves, and not the search engine optimizers. I am not really being snarky when I say that it does not seem to me as though SEO for Bing is all that different from what people are already doing- the list of suggestions reads very similarly to most SEO tips:

Create quality content, using good keywords and work with your target audience.
Work and rework your website so that it is easier for the search engine spider to crawl.
Get great inbound links.

Those tips sound very familiar to me- and while I am in no way undervaluing Bing, I cannot say that I quite understand why the distinction was made here. Having had a look over Bing and its offerings, I can say that as someone who uses a search engine it is definitely different and does have a few advantages over other searches in that, but ultimately, from a webmaster perspective, there’s not much difference in how you do things here. What’s interesting is, as you go further into the blog, the author points this out in saying:

“Ultimately, SEO is still SEO. Bing doesn’t change that. Bing’s new user interface design simply adds new opportunities to searchers to find what the information they want more quickly and easily, and that benefits webmasters who have taken the time to work on the quality of their content, website architecture, and have done the hard work of earning several high-quality inbound links.”

So, to answer the question of what makes Bing different to webmasters in terms of SEO? Not too much. What makes it different, though, I will say, is that the way that the information is relayed to the user is different- which does mean that certain aspects of Bing may be worth considering when you’re putting together your optimization so that you can make the most of them. But apart from that, ultimately, it’s SEO as usual, and we’re all just waiting to see what is the next big change one of these search engines comes out with next.