Blogging Tips

While I hate to admit it, my dirty little secret is that I’ve been unsubscribing from SEO blogs for the past few months.  Last week the total number of marketing blogs I read dropped below ten.  I think the time has come for an intervention here.

You need to ask yourself, “Is my blog boring people?”  And if it does, you have to decide upon a course of action to change it!  Making your blog not suck may take a while.  There’s no blog magic to apply.  However I am asking you to examine some things about your blog, through these inquiries I hope you can get to the root of the issue, and start the long road to recovery.

How do you measure your blogs success?  There are many measurements to take, traffic, page views, user engagement, links, comments, RSS subscribers.   It is okay, not great but okay, if one or two of these measurements flatlines or drops.  However if most of them have turned south, you have a serious blog problem on your hands.
What is your writing style?  What topics are you writing about?  Are you writing about things that are definitely of interest to your readers and your community?  Do you know how to stay on topic and make your point?

Are you engaging the community?  You have got to interact with your readers.  Do you have discussions in the comments/  Are you engaging people in twitter, and not just looking for retweets?  Show the community through your writing that you are a real person.

Are you a helpful person?  Are you making tutorials that instruct people on how to do something?  Are you taking questions from the community and answering them?  Do you pay it forward?

Do you publish regularly enough?  You don’t need to post something every day, but you do need to publish enough that people don’t forget you exist.
What’s your timing like?  Are you posting at such a time when your community of readers are most likely to be at their computers?  Remember if you wait until night fall to post, today’s news is already ancient history.

Are you capable of stepping outside of your comfort zone?  Can you challenge those you think are wrong?  Are you willing to own your opinion, sharing even though not every one will agree?

Do you give them eye candy?  Use pictures not only to meet a visual quota, but good pictures make a post better.

Are you innovative?  Do you evolve and improve how you do business?  Do you try new methods and techniques?  Do you write about those experiences?
What are you doing to be interesting, to be worth reading.  What about your blog is going to stand out to someone in your community of readers and make them stay long enough to read your latest post and continue to come back for more?

If all else fails, if you don’t feel like blogging anymore, if you want out of the bloggosphere…delete your blog.  Make room for interesting reads.