Breaking Down The Blogosphere

Everywhere you look on the internet, it seems like someone has a blog. There are a variety of them for almost any niche you can think of. Did you know that blog is actually just a shortened way of saying weblog? And the concept of blogging isn’t new. They’ve been around for quite some time and they are a tremendously valuable source of not only information, but cost effective marketing gold. With so many people out there having blogs, generally, if a website doesn’t have one, people wonder why. There are many reasons that any industry can utilize a blog, and not all of them just relate to search engine optimization. This has in fact become so important that there are even blogging consultants out there to help businesses set up, maintain and continue to publish blogs on their websites and off site.

One of the key benefits to having a blog is because this makes for another thing for search engines to pick up on- but not only that, this puts your site in different directories, as well throughout the blogosphere. You end up with a great deal of extended reach, and furthers your own sort of voice, helps your business to connect with clients, customers and potential clients and customers in a much more beneficial way than before. As to optimization, you have to look at a couple of benefits here- for one thing, almost every blog interface is its own content management system, so first off, blogging is easy. It may look a little daunting at first, but set up is generally minimal and can be done without the aid of a web guru. Going from that, then you realize as you look at the newly set up blog- the URL structure is remarkably simple. This makes it easier for search engines to index them. Again, the fresh content issue is resolved here because if your site’s got a blog, and you update it regularly, the search engines really like that, but also, so do your readers- this results in repeated hits. Consider also what happens when you have written a blog that makes people think, or even something that just gets people talking. Blogs are conversational in tone, so this is much more likely to happen- and that is when you get viral marketing help, inbound links and the like.

For business that have a very specific niche, or perhaps a specific service or product, blogs are a competitive way of connecting with that audience that not many seem to understand or grasp yet. When you consider your business, think about the sorts of questions that your clients have- and then consider how many people all over actually have those same basic questions. These things, when answered in informative blogs, really show integrity and a know how of your given field. This isn’t to say that you should not be careful, after all, this is still something connected to your business, and more casual or not, you have to maintain your professionalism- depending on what you do this may be more important in some instances. But if you have a business, and your web site does not yet have a blog, you may really be missing out on some very important search engine marketing options that you could easily update on your own, at any time.