Business Boosting Blog

When done correctly a blog can bring a dedicated audience to build upon and share expertise, information, ideas and content.  Blogs will also boost awareness of your company and brand.  If done incorrectly, however, customers will be left feeling dissatisfied and ready to run to your competitor.  Here I will share a few ways to leverage a blog.

Make friends out of your consumers.
Promote your company, product or service by creating a blog that features how to advice, new and other information of interest to you customers.  Through your blog visitors can post testimonials, feedback, questions, comments and participate in surveys.  By taking an informal, non-sales approach, a company can interact with customers, gain useful feedback and build an audience that can be directed to the company’s website or store.

Provide customer support.
You can supplement your company’s existing technical support and customer service with an online forum for customers to openly post questions.  Employees can update and maintain this type of blog, and users can feed it with comments and also tap into the knowledge of other users by reading questions from the past and interacting in the forum.  When done correctly this type of blogging can dramatically cut the cost of technical support and customer service.  You can even check the comments section for the most frequent users, and they can be recruited as bloggers to further increase you blog’s content.  They can also be asked to host certain threads to encourage dialogue on topics that need a little extra care.

Increase credibility.
A blog is an ideal tool to position yourself as an expert in your field.  By sharing your thoughts, knowledge, experience and insight your expertise will shine.  Obtaining expert status can increase your earning potential, make it easier to land a new job or promotion, and help attract new customers.

Gain exposure.
You can ask independent bloggers to write reviews and articles about your company.  Having your information published on different blogs will build your legitimacy and exposure.  Also it is often faster and easier for a business to get blog content listed with the major internet search engines than it would be with traditional website content.

Target your audience
Before you invest time and money you should clearly define your potential blogs goals and objectives and then determine your exact target audience.  Figure out what you will offer that is unique or that will set your blog apart.  Make sure you have enough potential content to keep your blog continuously updated and fresh.

Figure out how you will drive a steady flow of traffic to your blog and build its audience.  Properly and creatively promoting a blog on an ongoing basis is extremely important for building an audience.  For many bloggers this often is their biggest challenge.  Having unrealistic expectations about how quickly and easily you will be able to drive traffic to a fresh and new blog is one of the biggest reasons by bloggers fail.