Can You Combine Online and Offline?

If you find yourself really pushing the envelope, really striving to compete with those who are in the same field as you are- but still somehow falling short, you may want to think about sitting down and revising your marketing strategy to integrate both online and offline mediums. Many people do one or the other- but it does not have to be so. With offline promotions, the downside is time. Online promotions are different because not only are they always going, but usually they are much better and easier to utilize and implement than other means. Another big factor is- if someone has searched for your product, or the service you provide online, chances are good that they are ready to buy, now. Finding that target audience, and reeling in the sales or potential clients is a big benefit to online marketing.

The flip side of this, is some companies rely solely on their online marketing campaigns to make things happen- problem with that, is how do you know what the latest in search engine optimization happens to be? How do you know what those who work in SEO do, by way of their livelihood- therefor, if you’re relying solely on online marketing, you may have to educate yourself a bit, attend a few seminars and keeping up with the constant stream of information that comes out- well it’s a full time job in and of itself, I know. So, the best thing to do is to balance both and come up with a one, two punch of a marketing campaign that will wow both areas. How can you do this?

Online strategies include things like email marketing, banner ads, working with social networking sites,search engine optimization and holding chats or webinars, making videos- anything that can be used to promote a business through the use of a computer on the internet.

Offline strategies work with things like direct mail campaigns, holding open houses, newspaper and magazine ads, attending networking meetings, using billboards and other signs, the yellow pages, and those things don’t really directly involve the internet.

Being able to bring both barrels in is definitely an advantage, but one that may take some effort and time- to create a fully functional, inclusive, and working marketing plan, you have to take into consideration just how much effort you want to put in- because like anything else, marketing is what you make it. A little effort, brings a little gain, a great deal of effort makes a huge difference, so it’s really up to you which end you want to be on.

Here are a few tips to merge your online and offline advertising and marketing worlds:

•Run online promotions and market them via your direct mail and vice versa.

•Make sure that your company web address is on all of your letter heads, brochures, business cards and the like.

•When doing on site promotions in your office or store, make sure that there is some sort of online referral or product discount.

•Make sure that you are running regular webinars, and making full use of video marketing.