Case Study: InBusiness Local SEO Optimization Vs. VooDoo

VoodooInBusiness SEO recently conducted a case study to assess the effectiveness of their tactics against other forms of internet marketing. In the latest installment, InBusiness decided to see how they match up against commonly accepted VooDoo internet marketing tactics. InBusiness created two Orlando  landscaping websites for a client that were nearly identical (Note: InBusiness did not use any destructive VooDoo tactics directly on their client’s website. Tactics that were used for the study were tested for semi-positive effectiveness prior to the comparison study).

InBusiness then conducted a two week study to compare the results of the two websites in Google Local Search. The first website received the InBusiness local SEO optimization package, and the second received what was presumed to be the standard rituals for top local rankings based on VooDoo research  done on Wikipedia (Note: There is only a relatively small chance that InBusiness may have conducted the VooDoo tactic s correctly. This is due mainly to the fact that the InBusiness researchers were too scared to hire a real VooDoo expert to perform the proper rituals for Google Local Optimization). For reference, the mentioned rituals required the sacrifice of two chickens, a necklace of frog legs, the escape key of a wireless keyboard, and a thumb drive with at least a 512 MB capacity.

InBusiness had no expectations of the results of the well controlled, scientifically-monitored case study. At the end of two weeks, the website receiving the InBusiness Local SEO Optimization ranked number one for the search term, “Orlando Landscaping”. In contrast, the VooDoo infused web site that received what was presumed to be the proper seo ritual for #1 rankings, did not fare as well. In fact, it is not even visible on Google.

When asked about the surprising results, InBusiness V.P. of Marketing David Wolf had this to say, “We could have never anticipated the strength of our results over the use of VooDoo. We are thrilled that InBusiness Local SEO Optimization was able to stand up to such a strong and seasoned competitor such as VooDoo internet marketing. Of course there is the small chance that we have no idea what we are doing, but rest assured, the VooDoo internet marketing Youtube video watched  by our staff was very clear in explaining how to complete the process.”

Note: No chickens or frogs were harmed during the InBusiness Local SEO Opimtization Vs. VooDoo case study. In reality, rubber chickens were used, and we substituted chicken wings for frog legs. That does not change the fact that InBusiness can get you top rankings for your local market. Call today at 407-284-1992