Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

social-media2First off, social media marketing is marketing your business through the new internet social media such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. In social media marketing, you create new contacts and increase your network by using these new technologies. But social media marketing is about so much more. Social media marketing is about interacting with your market in cutting-edge ways and creating relationships to get your product or services out there. Social media creates relationships. As with creating any kind of relationship, social media marketing takes time, patience, and effort.

The problem is that too many businesses, large and small, seem to think that social media marketing is the way to get rich quick or get through the recession with minimal effort. Rushing into social media marketing without understanding that it’s, above all, social can lead to angry business contacts and customers. Here are some mistakes that many business owners make while marketing through social media.

Solutions for Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

1. Consistency is the key to success. Participating in social media every once in a while will not work. The internet is a fast paced place, and customers are being bombarded by new products and services every day. If you slack off in your use of social media, you will fall behind and potential customers will forget about your business. Be consistent in your use of social media; make a schedule to keep track of your marketing strategies so that you can maintain this consistency and get the most out of your social media marketing.

2.  Talk less; listen more. Remember that social media marketing is about interacting with your customers and industry, and interaction is a two way street. Promoting your products or services without taking the time to listen to others can put people off. Remember that you are creating a relationship, not giving a lecture.

3. Get outside of your comfort zone. Don’t ignore potential customers or business contact by focusing only on your narrow market or industry. Remember the word social is key. You have to be willing to be social using technology with people from different industries or potential customers outside of your target market. You can learn a lot by participating in conversations outside of your comfort zone.

4. Spread the social wealth. If you want followers, you have to follow others. Social media marketing is about networking, and you can’t have a network if you don’t connect with others. Simply opening a social media outlet and expecting potential customers to show up won’t work.

5. Don’t flood your followers. Spamming is not polite, and will turn your customers away faster than any other social marketing mistake. If your customer’s didn’t ask for email updates or tweets or digital information about your products, don’t send it to them. It’s that simple. Spamming is fast becoming the number one social media mistake. Don’t contribute to the problem.