Comparing the Contenders

I mention search engine wars quite a lot and I know that perhaps to the person just surfing the web- it may not make a whole lot of difference. You key in the word, you get the results, right? Wrong- there are some pretty solid differences in the different search engines and these differences change the user experience. Anything that impacts that, impacts the businesses who are using search engine optimization, because, whatever makes a search more appealing, means more will use it, broadening the audience even further than it already is. comScore estimates that up to 250 million people already use Google daily, and Bing is sure to see increasing numbers as newer innovations roll out. So, what’s the difference?

Funny enough, if you want to see exact differences, there is a site for that. Not surprising, there is pretty much a site for most anything these days, but Bing-Vs-Google lays it right out for you, first hand to experience. Key in a search, and compare your results side by side. You can also use Googawho, Bing and Google, Mixxr, Stringy, Search3 , AskBoth, and Bingle– amongst others. As you can see, this is something many people take very seriously. However, what about that user experience I mentioned? Which offers more to the user, and therfor, increases the odds of more users coming on board and utilizing searches?

In all honesty, as far as Bing and Google go- they’re both throwing up so much for the user experience lately that it seems every other week, there is something new to announce. Some people are getting in very heated debates about Caffeine and if it is in fact, Google’s answer to Bing itself- but why would Google feel particularly compelled to one up Microsoft’s latest search? For another thing- Caffeine is not so much about the user experience, but the interface itself- which yes, impacts user experience but while some are claiming you’ll need to relearn search engine optimization- I don’t think so. I believe that if you integrate a few new ideas into your existing SEO, you’ll be fine as an online marketer. Not to sound cocky, but, if you’re doing SEO the right way from the start, any innovation or change to the search engine infrastructure is just going to be another adaptation when you’re already moving pretty fluidly. I feel pretty confident that all of the changes we’ll see in all the searches in 2010, from an SEO standpoint, it’s all about continuing to keep informed, continuing to adapt your optimization for a better user and crawler use.


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