Congrats to BLI Messaging for the Win!

If you keep your ears to the wire, you know that BLI Messaging won the Future Innovators award at the DMA show in San Diego, CA. The company, which is a business to business provider in voice, fax, SMS text messaging solutions and broadcast email took away the first ever award for their innovations and impact on the industry as a whole. The award is meant to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of unique ideas that created a broad range benefit and the judging panel deemed that BLI Messaging had definitely brought to the table a better way of doing things for not only the user, but the marketing community as a whole.

The award was won due to a new design in the company’s existing Weblaunch platform- the newest release offers up something known as a multi channel trigger, which enables automation of follow up messages across numerous channels, based on the activity or inactivity of the clients that utilize the service. Weblaunch itself being an already useful tool- an online portal that enables the client to launch survey, faxes, SMS, voice and email campaigns. Now, with the click of a link a user can trigger a phone call, an SMS text or an email direct.

BLI Messaging already is known for serving over 4,000 customers, many very large and very well known firms and clients.  They got their start 20 years ago as a broadcast fax company and as time changed, kept up with the latest trends in technology and marketing as well as creating a platform in addition to accompanying services such dealing with landing pages and web design. So, in creating these new multi channel triggers, many have said that they have set the bar pretty high in the feild of marketing and have certainly created quite a stir with a very functional, easy to use system that brings many options for existing campaigns and broadens the scope a bit.

“We are thrilled to win this prestigious new award from the Direct Marketing
Association. It is terrific to be recognized for our commitment to pushing the
envelope in building marketing automation and messaging solutions. Now we are
taking it to the next level and developing a closed loop program that unites
web analytics with email marketing for intelligent response based marketing
and true ROI calculations,” said Dave Baeder, President of BLI Messaging.

So what do you think? Do you feel that your company is doing all that it can to remain on the cutting edge, or do you find yourself sort of stymied and stuck in a few areas? Being able to keep yourself abreast of the current trends and changes that we’re seeing come to light in many different aspects of marketing is important, but just how important is it? For BLI Messaging, it seems to be the order of the day and business as usual. Is it for you?