Content Boosting Tips

Here are a few simple ways you can boost your content in a way that is much more beneficial, both to your potential target audience and for bettering your search engine rankings. These are just a few of the ways I have seen and helped many businesses to overcome the content hump for a much more rounded, user friendly web site.

A Testimonials page- it may seem cliche and cheesy, but the truth is, people want to know that you can do what you say. This is expressed in the knowledge you show in your given field, yes, through the articles and blogs you may have on your site, but also, it never hurts to have a good word in your favor. Things like before and after experiences or just a small handful of people that have used your services and would express how well you performed a given service for them can be a big boost. If you’re selling products, this can be anything from the quality of the product to how well your customer service operates. Longer user testimonials make for great blog entries.

Another way that you can make your users feel not only welcomed but important while at the same time boosting content? Think about having an on site forum- but be careful it is well moderated. Allow users to add photos of their family, or photos of your business, products, or even happy, smiling photos of the client with your employees after the fact. These are wonderful to go up on Facebook as tagged photos, as well.

On the same concept, you can also work in a Questions and Answers page. This is no regular FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section at all- though having one of those is always good content. What this is, is an opportunity for your potential clients or even your existing clients to ask the things they want to know, and for you to answer- and in doing so, obtain much needed content for your site. If you are working with social media networking, both of these things can be powerful to link to throughout your blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter and more. If you are using a blog, or perhaps even a forum, these are great places to announce your Questions and Answers, but also consider a “Contact Us” page with a special drop down tab purely for the purpose of this.

While we are on the topic of social media networking- consider a calender of events and use it. Even if it is just educational events you’ll be attending for your given field, a calender of events is a great peek into the inner workings of your business. This again works particularly well if your business is active in local charities, or if you frequently attend betterment conventions and the like. Any thing that you can display as a sign of your business’ commitment to both the community and your clients is a wonderful thing to add to the list- whether your visitors can attend these functions or not.