Content for Conversion

Landing page conversions work like this- if that first page the person lands on from the search engine link isn’t usable, you’ve lost the customer right off. No call to action, no where to go. We’ll assume for the sake of argument, both have a clear call to action and a clear site menu- both leading to pages about cats. If you know people who own cats, you realize this is very smart, because as I’ve pointed out before- people search out a variety of topics about their feline friends. So, the search points them to these two sites. Initially, a user may be impressed because has literally hundreds of articles listed- and it did in fact come up first on the search. But, have a closer look.’s first article begins like this:

In the winter months, cat toes can get particularly chilly, leading to the dreaded feline ailment ‘frozen toes’. -Now, you may see the phrase “cat socks” here and there, but not all that much. Maybe about 4-5 times in a 500 word article.

Whereas,’s first article begins like this:

Admission of season months, computer-assisted tomography digits can obtain decidedly soup, influencing the anxious feline malady “frozen toes”. -As you continue through the article, the phrase “cat socks” is in there, randomly, and in that same 500 word spacing, you see it probably about 20 times.

Looking at both of those first lines and the rest of the article, if you were in fact seeking out a snazzy pair of wool socks for your precious cat, it seems fairly unlikely you’d go with doesn’t it? But it is more than that. What’s happened here, is that someone read all about SEO and assumed that one, fattening up their directories with a bunch of articles would help. That’s true. But they also assumed that keyword loading their text was going to be just the thing- that is not true.
The third thing that happened here, is only looked at SEO from ONE side of the coin. Sure, the site may have the number one rank, for now. However, with changes to the search engines in general and heavier handed spam detecting measures, that changes pretty quickly- but also, what’s the point of being number one if the product you market gains no interest due to your site making no sense?

If this seems like a ridiculous example, it honestly isn’t. All too often, sites make the mistake of only thinking about ranking and less the human experience. The truth is, it begins with the landing page, and goes from there to the content- and if your content doesn’t make sense, the users who did find you won’t stay and they certainly won’t want to hire you, or make use of your product or services. Updating regularly is important, but make sure that what you’re putting out there is relevant to both the search engine spiders AND the people that will be reading it.