Creating an Effective Video Presentation

Being able to capture someone’s attention using video is a great way to market yourself on the web, but there are some right ways and some wrong ways to go about that. Now you may think that presenting yourself in the best possible light would be the best way of introducing yourself and your practice on the web- this is not so. Being able to create an enticing video presentation for the purposes of enhancing your online presence is a little more than that, and requires a small level of finesse to not only gain the attention you want, but to draw clients in.

If you do your homework, you may be thinking that this is odd advice but it really isn’t. The attorneys that you see on the web, and most of them have done this at some point, they’re talking about themselves. This is not what your client base really wants to hear. Sure, a short introduction is a great way to begin your video presentation, but your potential clients want to know what you will do for them, if they hire you on. A one on one video presentation that is simply you, the attorney speaking to the public, the clients out there, should not be the way that you showcase your achievements. If at all possible, though, find someone to interview you and do make a video at some point outlining those. However, make it a question and answer video. These always work best and come across as much more impressive and more confidence inducing than simply a self narrative on your accomplishments.

Let’s face it, everyone knows that if you are an attorney, you did go to law school. You’ve probably handled hundreds or thousands of cases, they know that also. Sure, it’s okay to toss those things in as an aside, but the client base you serve really just wants to know that you can and you will be able to handle their case competently- so, handle the making of your videos just as well.

Talk about the sort of cases you handle and do so with confidence that is solid, reassuring and not cocky sounding. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness- and the difference comes across as someone who just thinks they can win, versus someone who knows that they will do everything in their power to ensure that the case is successful- if you consider your own legal representation needs, or, if you were to ever need legal counsel, which would you prefer? Make sure that your video is not only informative, but displays the ease in which you handle things, they care you take and the time you will spend. Inspiring confidence via video marketing can be easy, and is most effective when done in a manner that not only informs the viewer of the services offered, but shows an overall ease, a confidence and a commanding presence that will come into play in their favor.