Creative Marketing Strategies

LightBulbDrawingMarketing your business, regardless of what type of service you provide, is essential to growth in even the best economical climate.  This is especially true in an economy like we are facing today.  Now more than ever you have to go out and find new clients.  Below are a few suggestions on how to do just that, without breaking the bank with high priced advertising campaigns.

Networking and referrals go hand in hand and are some of the most effective ways to meet prospective new clients.  Networking functions are available for nearly every type of business, and it’s beneficial for you to attend as many of these as possible.  A word to the wise, however, try not to treat networking functions like speed dating events.  Many people make the mistake of trying to hand as many people their card as they possibly can in a short span of time.  The end result is a stack of cards that gather dust on someone’s desk.  Instead, meet people, strike up conversation, ask about their business and share a little about yours.  When someone can put a face to a name on a card they are far more likely to remember you.  Even if they have no need for your services, they likely will know someone who does.

Cold calling are the two words most dreaded by business people.  No one really enjoys doing cold calls.  But cold calling has been proven time and time again.  It is the fastest way to source many potential leads in a short period of time.  Be sure to do a little research on effective cold calling and open your dialogue with an interesting and friendly question.  Jumping right into selling yourself and your services is poor etiquette and likely to get you nowhere fast.

In today’s information age, people love to learn.  Put your expertise to good use and promote yourself at the same time.  Trade magazines, informational websites and blogs all need content.  Gather a list of as many of these types of media outlets as you can find.  Make an effort to write at least one eight hundred word article on your area of expertise each month, and send that article to each place on your list.  When your content is used it will give a link to your site, which will drive traffic your way.

Set up a newsletter, and make signing up for it easy to find on y our website.  That way when people come to your site they can join, and send those monthly articles to your list.  Providing reliable information will help build trust and confidence in your abilities, making your name come to mind first when they need services you provide.

Marketing your business in today’s economy does not require much more than some creative thinking.  The way people shop for services is changing, and the pool of funds being spent is smaller than in the past.  While the days of clients finding you may be past, a little effort can go a long way insuring your business stays on top of its game.