Critical Mistakes Your Making With Your Headlines That Drive Customers To Your Competitors Website

A simple fact about most websites and marketing materials is that skip over the single most important element of the equation.

“The Message”

Messages can make or break a marketing campaign.  This blog post will be focusing on how to improve the headline portion of your messaging. Mastering the headline will unlock a huge amount of potential new awareness without increase your advertising. It will make it more effective. Think about all the interactions that need a strong headline in todays interactions.

  • Tweets
  • Email subject titles
  • Social bookmarks
  • Ads
  • Facebook wall posts

This doesn’t even include other forms of marketing like postcards, billboards, etc. Mastering the message has never been more important to your businesses success. The bottom line, if you don’t stop someone in their tracks with your headline, the  rest of the article doesn’t mean anything.

Understanding why people click on headlines

Although it gets more complicated than how I am going to lay it out in this blog posts, people generally click on a headline for 1 of two reasons. The first is if they think that someone  is extremely relevant to them and they feel that it will make their life better in some way. It could be a better job, more money, better sex life, more prestige with friends, more time with the kids.  The second is if they think there will be excitement or entertainment involved. Maybe they will learn a secret that puts them in the in crowd, see something funning, or unique. The second emotional factor is why people click around youtube looking at funny pet videos for hours on end.

When you write great headlines you incorporate an element of both into the mix. If you need a example of this, go to the supermarket and look at the front of almost any magazine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a men’s fitness magazine or a womens magazine talking about better sex.  They almost always have a mix of both of these elements.

What you can do immediately to get rockstar results from your boring headlines

  • Add some adjectives into the mix!  If you have a how it works page, instead of having the title of “how it works” change it to “How {Target Market} Uses {Solution} To Gain An Unfair Advantage”
  • Make sure your headline stays connected with the content on the rest of the page. Even if you have a great headline that gets them engaged, if it isn’t related to the content, you will lose them
  • Write your headline before you write your article that way you can sculpt the content to deliver on the promise of the headline
  • Write 3-5 headlines  choose the one that pops the most

Take your marketing to the next level with magnetic headlines people can’t help but pay attention too

Copywriting is the single most understood and under appreciated aspect of marketing. Your business can gain a huge advantage by investing your time in improving your skill set or utilizing a professional copywriter.


<a href="">David Wolf</a> is the founder of InBusiness, Inc. He is also an avid entrepreneur. David is an avid reader, and an expert at SEO, PPC, and inbound marketing strategies.