Customer Perspectives on SEO

We’ve talked before about knowing your customer base, and looking at things as a customer would- now, for most people, the SEO information laid out there is going to go in one ear and out the other. I’m not being patronizing- this is normal. Check out this video from Google:

So, basically, even just knowing a little, you know a lot. The public at large wants to know what they want to know. In short- you make your websites and your marketing pitches to the things they want and having someone in your corner who does know this, is a very vital thing to any online marketing agenda.

Now of course those of us who do work in internet marketing understand what all of these terms are, but, say you’re a lawyer- do you really need to know all of this? Having a basic grasp is good, yes. Because you have to know that when you’re utilizing online marketing there are things that your site needs, there are things that it doesn’t- and if you don’t at least know this, you may find yourself behind the pack a bit and lagging.

Research conducted by the Nielsen company, the average internet user now spends 68 hours online per month. Basically this averages out to less than two and a half hours a day. Now, think about that for a moment and consider what’s going to catch the eye fastest and what won’t. Your time is valuable, and so is theirs, so, if they are searching out a service or product- they are more than likely going to go with a couple of things: 1. one that shows up the fastest when they search, and 2. one that has a website that is easy to navigate and simple to understand.

Both can be accomplished with a strategic search engine optimization program in place. It’s been said that online users will spend about one minute per page while surfing- clutter that page, you lose your shot. An old sales tactic is to close the sale, and this applies online just as it does anywhere else, so basically no matter what you’re looking to get your user to do, have it easy to see, easy to do, and then it is done. Making it plain in your first page what you do, how they can get more information or even hire you or buy your product is a good place to start, but as youc an see, it gets more complex- and most people don’t understand that.