Deciphering Google's SEO Starter Guide: Part One

The first stop for many who are looking into what they can do for their online marketing needs, to learn a bit about search engine optimization- is rightly, Google. Once there, you may find yourself trying to read through the 22 Page Online Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This is a pretty good place to start, actually, as it is all written out and detailed in a fairly easy to understand way.

The first step, or tip outlined is to create a unique but accurate page title for your website. They go with the example of someone selling base ball cards- but for instance, you’re an attorney- so, which site name works best? Not your actual name. If someone is searching for an attorney- they’re not going to seek out unless you’ve already got a considerable name for yourself. However, something like may work out better. The guide goes on to explain using tag titles, and how you want to create a unique name for each page of your site.

The next portion of this first page explains a bit about using content in your site- that is to say, expanding things a bit. Again, with the law firm example, you’re Jackson Smith, and you are a criminal defense attorney. Thinking about the possible things people may be searching for in your particular area will help you to create content and web pages off of your main title page that get the searches. If you were Jackson, you would think, “What are my clients or potential clients going to key in?” For Jackson, possible searches may be “assault defense”, “dui defense”, and so on and so forth. If you do it, include it in your pages, somehow- and remember, not everyone’s going to instantly search “criminal defense” (For example), they’ll be searching out their specific area of interest. So, you would want the pages on your site to contain those key words in such a way that the search engine spider picks them up- first and formost, but also so that the user gets the information they want in a fast, efficient way.

The guide then goes on to explain how generic page titles will kill your traffic. For instance Jackson may be tempted to title his FAQ page, “” when this page is about driving under the influence and its defense. However, titling it “” or something similar would trigger a greater response. Basically, you want to create useful, but brief page titles and avoid stuffing them with keywords- just enough to trigger a search response.