Deciphering Google's Starter Guide: Part Two

I began this series of blogs on in the last blog, where I briefly went into a bit about page titling and explained a little on the importance of brief, but significant titles. Now in Part Two, we will go into making use of the meta description tag a bit.

Google recommends using the Content Analysis Section, and I do, too. Once you’ve been working with your titles and content, you can then find out the quality of the tags and keywords you are using. For many, this probably means a do-over, but, you want to get your website right, the first time- and this helps. Being able to do it in this manner will save you a great deal of time and headache and enable you to keep the "do over" in your site editing phase. They then go on to discuss how they may include your site in the Open Directory Project if you choose to do that, and ways to improve the quality of your meta tags for better search engine results. Then, it goes into exactly how those snippets appear to the user- for instance, let’s visit Jackson Smith again:

The user searches for "what to do if arrested for dui" and Jackson is smart, he’s included "arrested for dui" in his pages and "dui" in the title- so, his page will come up and in the snippet the user will see that the query they’ve keyed in is answered. The words used in the user’s initial search will be bolded in the snippet so that they know that the article or page itself actually has that information.

The next part goes into how to make the most of the meta tags- you want to make sure you’re clearly summarizing, using unique descriptions that are relevant to the content on the page, while avoiding overuse of keywords- if you’ve ever run a search and saw a nonsensical sort of run on sentence with just a bunch of keywords, you realize how yes, that brings up the page, but nobody actually visits those, due to the snippets. Here are two examples:

Jackson Smith dui criminal defense legal help, in Saint Louis Missouri. Questions with dui and criminal defense with twenty years experience…


Jackson Smith specializes in dui and criminal defense. Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, as a criminal defense attorney, he has twenty years experience in the field….

Which would you visit? Exactly.