Developing Your Social Media Plan

I was reading a really excellent piece written by Heidi Cohen over at Clickz titled Social Media Checklist for Small and Medium Size Businesses that really outlined some great points to consider when you’re working on a social media networking marketing strategy. In Heidi’s piece, she talks about initially, the importance of first making sure that your business is something that can work with a social networking sort of platform. Making sure that you have something that can really make people feel passionate, make them feel like talking- now, you may not think that you do, but for instance, consider if you are a CPA- you might consider frequently answered questions about taxes, or an attorney has similar things. Just any area where someone may have something they can talk about- and if you feel passionately enough about a given topic, you certainly can make it something discussable, and find others who do, too.

The next aspect that she mentions is viral- sort of. I’ve mentioned before how important video and shareable content is- she talks about different before and after photos for salons and how bakers sometimes utilize Flickr for photos of their finished products. However, when you consider that as an attorney you have to have a sort of confident presence- video is a great way to display that. There are a plethora of ways you can use video, photos and more to really expand your business online- particularly in social networking.

Moving on a bit, here, the list that she gives- these are all excellent questions to ask yourself before you decide to go into social networking as marketing. However, I would also suggest you do so with a very open mind. You would be really surprised sometimes at some of the things that people may want to know about your particular niche- and it is always a good idea to talk about those things with whomever runs your marketing department, particularly when it pertains to SEO. What I really enjoyed about this particular article was that she does go into how listening is a huge part of social networking- and how you can make use of this to boost your market knowledge. It’s much easier to give your clients and customers what they want, when you know exactly what that is.

On the whole, this is a very informative piece, and well worth a look to anyone who is considering this aspect of online marketing in particular. Considering not only the marketing implications of this, but the analysis aspects is a good idea- even an experimental testing phase can show you a great deal about what your target audience is thinking, wanting and how you can better your other overall marketing strategies. I believe that 2010 is going to be the year that social media really begins to show its chops in marketing, and those who already have adopted some of the strategies will see growth here.