Dispop Banner Ad Campaign Optimization Review

I was able to get a guided tour of new spinoff Dispop yesterday. The company offers a quick and cost effective way to test a variety of banner styles before deciding on which one your company spend tons of money on spreading across the internet. I have to say the idea is brilliant. Split testing banners to see which banners get the highest click thru’s and most conversions is a best practice component of any large banner ad campaign, but many times it is skipped because of the cost, time, and effort it takes to implement them properly. Dispop aims to change that with their new service.

How does it work? It’s simple, you choose a number of variations, upload the information and any images you have that you want included in your designs and designers go to work developing a single layout of your desired graphic. The package you choose determines how many versions you get. You select the ones you are most excited about testing and put them to work in your campaign. Dispop connects with Google Adwords so that you can which banners get the best results. You choose the winners and the designers are awarded based on their ability to get results.

Why its different

99Designs and other places have already done a good job of offering crowdsourced design, but Dispop is designed specifically for the purposes of using data to find the most effective banner and not necessarily the most attractive. I after viewing the process I am a huge fan and can definitely see the value in doing this process for our clients.

Reasons to give it a shot

Dispop takes a ton time out of the process of split testing different designs, and they let you test them before you choose winners so it saves on design costs to get to the best banner. After you are done, you can take your winning design and duplicate it in other formats as needed. They offer facebook ads, traditional banners, and mobile.


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