Driving traffic with Flickr photos

Flickr is a photo sharing community. Some people even use Flickr as a personal photo blog. Flickr can be, in the right hands, a very good business tool. If you don’t go too much overboard you won’t be getting angry mobs flagging you as spam. Flickr allows pretty much any photo style to be uploaded, though if you decide to go the babe in a bikini approach for advertising you may get labeled as adult material. I’m assuming you want to go with something a little more classy, anyway.

Getting started with Flickr is easy. Sign up for an account at It’s even free, however you have many more options with a paid account which goes for only $24.99 a year. And you will get much more traffic, more photo sets, more tagging options, and a few other things with the pro account. Once you have your account set up it’s time to upload. You can upload your pictures in large or small batches, and in almost any size. It is a pretty quick uploading process compared to many other sites.

Now be sure to use a light amount of images that state your business information, and also upload photos that affect your business. Are you a DJ? Well you could post some pictures from parties you’ve done. A travel agent could post photos from places they have stayed, resorts as well as exotic beaches. An auto shop should post photos of cars they have detailed, and I really do think that at least one of their sets should be titled “Pimped Rides.” A pet store could have pictures of the various animals you have sold, or are trying to sell. A shelter could have sets devoted to adoptable pets. Mix the images with the business information in lightly throughout your photo stream so as not to overwhelm the viewers. A light sprinkling will get you a lot further than an onslaught of spam.

Tagging your flickr photos is very important. Do a bit of research on the site. Look up relevant and popular tags to your photos, and your business. Tags are how people on the site look up and find photos, basically this is how new customers will be finding you on Flickr. For the auto shop you could tag with the make of a car, the model for the car, the year of the car, and of course your business name should be a tag on all your photos. But do look around and find some tags that you may not have initially considered on your own.

Add value to your flickr experience. Link to your flickr page from your website’s information page, and link to your website’s information page from your flickr photo pages to generate even more interest and traffic. It’s a bad idea to link to your purchasing pages from flickr. You want to generate interest, not shove a product down someone’s throat, or in essence push them out the door.

Make your pictures interesting so that potential customers have a reason to visit your business website. Look for new photo opportunities for your business. Keep your flickr sets fresh and up to date. Keep them coming back for more, and hopefully they’ll bring friends.