Effective Networking for Use In Marketing

I know that it seems a bit counter intuitive- you realize that in any buisiness you run, you have to keep tabs on your competition and this is especially true of working with online marketing. But, there is another side to being linked up with others either in your field or in your generalized area of business- everyone’s had that client, often, more than just one that you just aren’t equipped to handle. I think that many have this issue, but when you bring in a networking stance- with that comes a wider sphere of influence, yes, but also a network for referrals and the like that can really boost things. In online marketing this is especially critical. I think you’ll notice as you look around the internet, many blogs and newsletters link to others- the way that this works is beneficial to both parties in not only increasing traffic for both sites, but bringing about new clients or customers as well.

Here are a few easy things to remember and impliment when you’re thinking about networking as it applies to marketing, especially online marketing.

Be VERY choosey about who you associate with. Remember, these are people who you will be referring others to as well- so you want to be sure that you are backing a winner, and that you have a winner backing you. You have to also be careful about this because technically you are linking reputations and on the internet- it is very easy to get a good reputaion, sure- but it is also easy to get a bad one and for that reputation to be spread very quickly.  Pay careful attention to those who have the larger networks, and the way that they interact with those people and you’ll also notice a few things- firstly, they are genuinely connecting. It isn’t just about throwing up a banner or a link, no, they regularly interact, refer, and discuss topics amongst themselves and others for all to see. This sort of visibility requires effort, yes, but it can be a boon to both the business and the customer or client.

You will also probably notice that they have a common thread with those they network with. Lawyers tend to refer to or quote other lawyers in their blogs, newsletters and articles, as do medical professionals and as I said- this effectively increases the traffic to both, but also improves their reputation by solidifiying a professional union. In marketing, you don’t want to be the lone wolf, the maverick- because you want to have that backing, that group of others who may seem like competition but in actuality can and will extend your own sphere of influence. Again, it all loops around to content- the  more you network with, the more you’ll have to discuss. People like to see professionals discussing the issues and topics they care about because it does show that there is continued focus on what the customer, the public or the client finds important.