Ellen Degeneres and Bing

RGBAs part of a new holiday promotion, Ellen Degeneres, partnered with Bing to highlight some good bargains in online shopping and starting on December 18th, there is going to be a new item highlighted every day that she will be giving out to her studio audience. You may already know that the search engine began another holiday give away November 27, and the Bing CashBack Holiday Trivia Sweepstakes continues to run through the 8th of December.

The Bing Cashback Holiday trivia sweepstakes highlights the use of both Twitter and Facebook a bit, by the software giant, and the Ellen Degeneres contest shows a merging of both traditional television marketing with online marketing. How about that? This pairing, on both sides- shows not only that Bing is taking notice of social media as a valid platform for marketing, but also that you can, in fact merge television marketing with online for a powerful combination. Apart from letting you know about the contests running right now, I thought this was something significant to check out. Consider the way that Microsoft has pretty much taken over the world, consider again, that they must also know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing. Many people are still on the fence about using social media as a valued networking and marketing tool, but it seems that one of the nation’s most powerful companies is on board with it and has been for some time.

Social networking is where it is at. I have been saying this for some time now, and knowing how to successfully manage a social networking marketing plan is key here. If you take one wrong step, you might find yourself wasting your time, but if you do things the right way, not only can you find that your investment of time pays off in new clients, but you can also build a greater trust in your brand, reach out to existing clients, and be better in tune with the needs of those you service. If you have sort of been on the fence about starting up a social networking campaign- you may want to take a look at some of the previous posts about demographics in social networking and the ways that some companies have really made full on social networking marketing work for them. When you combine all of the elements at your disposal, when it does come to your online marketing program, you will find that you come up with an inexpensive, much fuller way of not only conducting market research but branching out and taking advantage of all the web has to offer in marketing your business.

Have a look around, and either talk to your marketing department about what social networking can do for your business, or talk to the person managing your own search engine optimization about what you can do to beef up your seo plans using social networking.