Exploring Google Analytics Updates

Google Analytics announced at the end of the year last year that they made changes on how some of the features, this new offering promises to be “powerful, flexible, and intelligent” but just what did they do, here? The first thing they mention is Annotations, a listing of notations that you can now make so that you will have explanations for gaps in traffic or sudden upswings from great back
linking. It gives some rather funny examples of what one might do to dig up this information and how Annotations make it a thing of the past.
You know you aren’t going to miss the post it notes, when using this one.
In addition to having the capability to make those notes, the Annotations function also acts as a sort of detection enhancement- allowing someone to access your Google Analytics profile to leave either shared or private notes, so colleague input is really a great aspect of this.
Rather interestingly, another feature of annotations is that it becomes a sort of log for all online marketing activity, and website design
also. This really seems much different than many other notations features that I have seen in that it does have the capability for a smoother, definitely useful way to keep ahead of the game by keeping connected with all involved on a project in a way that explores observations.

It also goes on to mention that Custom Variables now has advanced segments, and the flexibility of this is nothing short of brilliant. Also, this Custom Variables change isn’t limited to segments, but includes now being able to utilize them in Custom Reports. So, you can see a segment defined along custom variables and how it works out with any of the metrics you’ve involved. The next thing talked about is the Tracking Wizard, which eliminates the long dreaded task of putting together all of that tracking code. Presto Chango! You now have a Wizard on your side, almost instantly generating the code for you. I know that this is something that quite a number of people have also been waiting for, for some time, now.

On the whole, I would definitely say that some of the changes have been pretty interesting, and are a great benefit to anyone using a sort of do it yourself ad campaign and marketing system. It seems like many people are just extremely thrilled about Annotations, and as I’ve been reading around I have heard something rather similar to the Hallelujah chorus around the internet forums and blogs about that improvement.