Exploring Google's Social Search

Whether you’re using social networking for business or personal life- this is a pretty handy new tool that is still in its experimental phases. Using Google’s Social Search, you can include search results that are relevant to your interests, including your own contacts for various social media. If you’re marketing via social networking sites this can be a great way to find out what interests your target clients the most- or, well, if you’re like me and looking at great things to do while in Austin, Texas on vacation, you can read not only their reviews, but their contacts reviews as well.
Let’s have a look at how this works, first, I’ve created my profile using the Google profile creation page.

Once you’ve keyed in your interests, location and all of that- if you did, I didn’t. I just glossed it over quickly for the sake of getting to the next step to explain the way this search works. Real time testing, I should probably be Twittering this, but really I am sure you don’t need to know that I’m filling in my hometown and the places that I have lived. Or that I cannot find inner peace on a google search.
As I click on the create profile button, it informs me that I don’t have enough information in my profile to include it in searches for friends. That’s okay. Moving on, I searched for "Austin Nightclubs" and found the first links in my search were two reviews by friends, a blog by a friend about a night out, and a couple of news stories linked back. After that, of course, the most popular links were displayed.

As you can see, this can be extremely useful in keeping track of what not only is popular amongst those you know, but, as I said- if you’re using a social networking site to promote your business, it also enables you to post interesting and relevant things to those sites.
In doing this, you can then attract more attention from not only your target audience, client bases and create a higher level for your viral marketing. Basically, if you’re posting things that interest a handful of people, and they in turn link back to you because of this, you create a broader circle. When you’re sending out newsletters, or if you just have a blog, sometimes it is good to include something more than just the information about your business itself- talking about the local events and charities, for instance, is always a good way to garner interest in your sites. As is writing about relevant news events and the like, but doing so in a manner that is actually of interest- so, having a way to moniter what is of interest with your own client base could certainly be a powerful tool. I’m definitely going to stay on top of this one because I feel like it’s going to be something that as it is developed and gets better can be a serious asset to any business or marketing team.