Facebook Noob? Check this out.

3170926064_ceccc2d27fWow, I am on a social networking kick. Don’t mind me, I just addicted to the apps. I was reading through a few interesting pieces about using social networking as a marketing tool- which, as I mentioned works really nicely insofar as an overall online marketing campaign goes as you can direct people to your business website and thereby enhance your own exposure not only in that but via organic hits and beef up your SEO a bit. But, some people are not getting it. I looked around and discovered that for such an affordable (Come on, it’s free) and easy way to market things, some people just aren’t doing it right. As I mentioned before, if you don’t already have a good, solid business web page set up there is really no point to using social networking in your marketing. It just comes across as nonprofessional and does not inspire all that much faith.

Being able to cash in on the free advertising that social networking provides is a really great way to enhance your overall online marketing potential and bring in new customers and clients.

However, if you have the web page and you were thinking about maybe setting up a business Face Book- a fan page, there are a few things you can do actually to really make it something that is worth your time and effort. To begin with, make sure when you do set up the page, your brand name is the name you use. When a potential customer does a search- this is the first thing the search latches on to, so, make sure that you have it set up right from the start. If you can work it out so that your username also happens to be a keyword, then it’s win/win, but you need to be very careful not to overcomplicate the username on a Facebook fan page. From there, you need to get the numbers up- this is the second area where many fall short. The higher your number of fans, the better you do in the Facebook search itself. If your business has the same name as another- then yours comes first if you have more fans.

Keeping those fans, this is another area of interest. Be sure that what you post is new, fresh- be funny and original and informative. Make sure that you are updating regularly but not so much so that you become an annoyance. Also, you’ll find that linking to your Facebook page from your business website can also help- again, those that may have found your site via the search can then head on over to your Facebook, add it and boost your numbers all the more. Make sure that your page includes every bit of the details you can within the information sections and even here, you can utilize keywords- make sure that your webpage is keyword friendly, and this will show up at the bottom of the search page on Facebook, as well. Often, having the information sections of a Facebook page filled in adequately- while it may not really show up on the on site search, it does on search engines in general.