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I can’t believe you clicked the link!!!

Since you did not listen to the part where I said do not click the link, you should probably disregard the part about hiring or linking to us as well. Actually, I can believe you clicked the link. Almost everyone clicks the link. That is the point of telling you not to click the link. It is the fact that we are told to use author resource boxes to make ourselves sound important that I do not do so within my author box. The authority is already present in the article. To me, the author box is not a place to speak about yourself. It is a place for calls to action, or in this case, a call to not act.

Since you are here…

You might as well use your favorite social media bookmark or digg to identify yourself as one of the people that clicked the link you were told not to click. Now sit back and watch the list grow. Infact, I would really appreciate you having me do a guest blog post on your blog so that we can grow the list of moth’s to the flame even faster.

By the away……

I do run a pretty fantastic internet marketing firm that offers SEO, PPC, web design, link building, and a myriad of other online goodies. If you are in need of such a purveyor of services, kindly fill in the contact form below and we will contact you about your inquiry.

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