Five SEO Secrets according to the Washington Post

The Washington Post recently ran an article about the Five SEO Secrets To Make Your Site More Visible. They not only talked a little about the Jakob Nielsen study I have mentioned in the past, but also brought up a few really excellent points about the different ways that search engine optimization has become even more important in the growing online market place and beyond. The article is a look at pretty much the things I have mentioned before- not so much as an “I told you so”, but I point this out to show that the importance of SEO is really hitting the mainstream.

The article goes on to talk about how using pay per click is a great way to kick start your own online marketing programs, and how you can utilize that to begin your search optimization goals on the right foot. But, then, the article takes on an interesting tack and talks about initial planning stages- and this is where I thought things got pretty clever. I’ve talked before about the importance of having great analytics going for you and being able to outline exactly what your needs are, as well as figuring out just how you define your own successes, and this talks about it. More than that, it goes into a great look at the use of Google Analytics- and with the improvements that they have made recently, I thought this was a great nod to a good toolbox which just got even better.

It then talks about keyword analytics specifically and that was a really intelligent thing to point out as well. Having a basic understanding of the things mentioned in this article is good, even if you don’t plan on doing your SEO for yourself- it does help you to better understand what it is your SEO expert is doing for you, and if they are in fact delivering on the things they claim to be. There are a few more tips, about link baiting and then about making your site as search engine bot friendly as possible- all things I’ve mentioned before, but packaged up all nicely and neatly here. However, when you get to to last part, this is the critical part of the article itself- keep going. Being able to continually optimize your site is important. I think I’ve mentioned before- your competition is going to continually optimize, continually strive to get higher in the rankings, and you should as well.

On the whole, this piece was a great little look, a brief glimpse into a few things you can do to make sure that your site is a bit more optimized. However, mostly it’s a good overview at the various aspects that go into SEO, as well as a very public nod to the importance of search engine marketing and what it can do for your business.