Flowchart Of The Process Of Using Content, & Outreach to Build Authority, Relationships, & Links

If you follow the stuff that I write, you should know that I plug Ontolo link building tools wherever I can. It’s not because I am an affiliate (which I am not) but because I really think their tutorials and information is something that any SEO should have a firm grasp on regardless of whether you intend to use it. Their focus is mainly on improving processes for the way they do things, which is by using various forms of content to forge relationships that results in links as a by product. I have debated on whether or not to release this infographic of the flowchart for a specific outreach process, because is so simply conveys such an advanced strategy for building massive amounts of authority in a niche in such a short time. Master this tactic, and you are one step away from being a master politician. I often joke that with another year of experience in internet marketing I could successfully run for political office by using the power of preciprocation to form forced endorsements that would checkmate key supporters into having no choice but to offer their support. Of course I do not plan on doing it, but the strategy is that powerful. I hope you enjoy this flow chart. It is not meant to be a scheming lesson. The purposes is not for someone to automate the process and destroy it’s brilliance. The purpose is to have a clearly defined project outline that can be implemented with relatively few questions. It just plain works. Let me know what your thoughts are and if you think we should add some pieces to this bad boy.

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