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You Are Losing New Franchise Owners Every Day Unless You’re Using This Now “Old” Technology

Before your prospective franchise owner becomes a new franchise owner, this is what they’re doing. They are searching in a certain place, and in a certain way. Here’s why…

You want to grow your franchise. Which is why this may be the most valuable report you see all year.

In this short guide we will talk about the ideal strategy for acquiring new franchise owners in 2017. Strategy boils down to where you spend your resources. And if your goal is to grow your franchise, then pulling in more and more new quality franchise owners is at the heart of things.

To put things in context, before we get started, your strategy will also have to involve working with these big changes in the last 5-10 years:

  • Search engines
  • Mobile devices
  • Social websites

Franchise Growth Strategy In Two Parts:

The strategy to get more quality franchise owners is simple…

A) First, make sure your franchise is at least a 5 out of 10 in terms of how appealing it is to interested franchise owners.

  • Does your website and marketing imply quality?
  • Do you stand out in a meaningful way when compared to similar franchises?
  • Are there any broken steps in the chain that leads to a new franchise owner getting in touch with you?
  • How effective is your followup system for franchise owners who show interest?
  • Are you following up once, twice, or consistently for months (or even years) after a person shows interest in your franchise?

B) Second, get your offer in front the right audience.

In our research at InBusiness Inc. this is where many franchises fall short. While we help organizations get elements from the first part (A) in order, the rest of this guide will be about the lifeblood of any franchise – traffic.

Specifically, Natural Search Traffic.

Despite the fact there are 1000’s of people searching for Specific Niche Franchises like Cleaning franchises, Vending franchises, and many more – hardly ever do we see an organization apply this knowledge to their strategy. Instead of becoming the core of an organization’s focus for traffic, it’s taken for granted.

Here’s what I mean…

One thing is clear – You want more franchise owners.

What if you could look behind the scenes of all the buzz around the Internet.

Zooming in on your Niche Franchise, you could clearly see 1000’s of people looking for your specific type of franchise.

These would be people who want to start a franchise AND they are zooming in on your category.

No, they are not the mass of people just starting out. This group has done their research.

More importantly, they’ve decided on what you offer – they just haven’t found YOU… yet.

The next step would be:

  1. OPTION 1: You take this information and file it away. You continue spending resources in the same places. This will logically bring in the same results. For example, if your primary strategy to get in front of new franchise owners is to send out quarterly email blasts, then you will continue to see predictable results. Perhaps a handful of franchise owners fill out your forms, email and call, and a number become new franchise owners.
  2. OPTION 2: OR you could devote the right amount of resources to Natural Search Traffic. Getting in front of this audience becomes a priority in your organization. You then build certain infrastructure and start funneling this Natural Search Traffic into your franchise. You witness a dramatic change in the quality of interested franchise owners filling out your forms, emailing you, and calling you – because they already want the specific type of franchise you’re offering. As a result, your franchise grows.

Let’s look at an example to see how this happens.

If you’re a vending machine franchise, how much of this Natural Search Traffic “pie” would you need to grow to the next level?

Here’s 4400 people who search for your type of business each month:

Each and every month, 4400 people type “vending machine business” into a search engine.

This is what they see…

Repeat this exercise for your industry.

1) Go to and type in your [SPECIFIC TYPE] + franchise. Just like an eager new franchise owner would to find your type of franchise.
2) Take a look at who’s website is at the top of the results.

If your organization offers Vending Machine Franchises, are you in the above snapshot I’m sharing with you?

If not, then ask yourself the following question for this concept to really hit home:


Simple. It’s because these other organizations (a) made it a priority to appear here and (b) then created the proper infrastructure necessary to do so.

Summary – What’s Next For Your Franchise?

You might find yourself now asking HOW. How do I get my franchise in front of more eager Franchise Owners? You might also be asking WHERE. What specific keywords are best for my organization. What are the best potential franchise owners typing in search engines each and every day?

Complimentary Video Analysis:

Need help? These questions are important for you to answer – they are also important for our team at InBusiness Inc. to answer as well.

In order to see if we are a great match to work together, we have to figure out:

  1. KEYWORDS – What keywords potential franchise owners are searching to find your specific type of franchise?
  2. COMPETITORS – What other websites are already appearing at the top?
  3. YOUR WEBSITE – What we have to build to make your specific website rank here?

Once we analyze these factors, we can clearly tell you if we can help you. If it turns out that we can, then we’ll also give you a clear plan on time a budget to get you to where you want to be.

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