Free or Nearly: Inbound Link Tracking Tools

Have a look at how your web site fares when it comes to linking- easily and for free with the following tools. Being able to have this valuable information first of all- if you’re new at all to search engine optimization, test your site. See how it stacks up against your competitors, and then, you may change your mind about the way you’ve been using your web site.

Yahoo! Site Explorer

Yahoo! Site Explorer is useful for analyzing and tracking both the inbound links for users’ own and their competition’s sites. You can use this tool to figure out the inbound links on each of the pages you want to look at, excluding both links from the subdomain and domain, and find out how many pages within a domain have been indexed by Yahoo’s search crawler.

Page Inlink Analyzer
This one actually makes a great explanation of its own service in this video found on the landing page.

Hubspot Website Grader
This offers a free trial version for seven days. Seven days should be enough for you to have a look around, be able to see what it is you need to change- and the Hubspot program actually offers tips and suggestions based on its analytics.

SEO Link Tools Harvester
Convenient tool for finding out where your back links are, and offers great details about them.

If you have not seen the latest statistics on back links and external links and the like- they really emphasize the importance. Cheating does not work- the number two negative ranking factor found was sites that acquire links from sellers or brokers, as opposed to quality content, working with your social media, and working on a more focused online PR campaign. Being able to figure out where these links are coming from and tracking the ones that your competition is getting- this is important because it helps you to better build a strategy that works, but also, helps you to figure out why it is working, and why it is working for others- so that you can sort of tailor your campaigns around that information. This is another way, too, to make sure that the link backs you are getting are quality, not just quantity- making sure that when you’re looking for sites to network with, you’re doing so within a category that is relevant to your business. How would you find something like that? Well there are a number of sites that are geared towards business to business networking and the like, but, you can also use this tool:

This is another great free tool for finding back link opportunities, yes, but also has a customizable theme search to help further focus so that you can manage to get some very good, quality web sites that actually relate to your own for link networking.