Fully Optimized Videos

Considering video’s raging popularity, more businesses are dipping a toe into their own productions to create videos for search engine marketing. This is a great tool for your overall optimization plan, but if you thought that was where it stopped- creating a good video that will travel the ‘net over, that’s where you were wrong. The great news is, videos are every bit as optimized as any other content you have, and actually- perhaps more so for the share-ability factor they hold. The truth is, everyone loves a good video and most people would rather watch a video than read an article or a blog. Video blogging has become a big thing, and any number of the video sharing sites you find out there are just brimming with traffic, the videos themselves shared the world over.

Here are some great tips for powerfully optimized videos:

•Make sure that it is in fact a good video. If you have a great video, you’ve got the strongest foundation of all- the fact that it is enjoyable for people makes it great content, and above all, that is the central factor in getting things shared. Keep it at roughly ten minutes, unless what you have to say is so riveting that they cannot refrain from watching the whole thing.

•Use the most used formats. Saving the format of .wmv, .avi, or .mov is an easy way to make sure that users are actually able to watch it. If you’ve got a copy of it in all, you’re boosting your visibility three times over.

•If you do have more than one video on your site, make sure that you use thumbnails to display them. Studies have shown that plain links tend to put people off, and they trust being able to see a thumbnail more than they do a simple link.

•It may seem risky, but allow your viewers to rate your videos. Those videos that do have ratings seem to rank higher in the search engines.

•Make sure that you use a watermark, or have some form of contact information edited in to the video- perhaps a bar across the bottom. Something unobtrusive that continues to get your brand name out there.

•If you’re working with keywords- which you should be, make sure there is a keyword in the file name or in the URL itself. Search engines really favor this, and if you keep out stop words that the searches tend to gloss over, even better.

•The send to a friend option is YOUR friend. Make sure that you include this option on every video you produce for marketing purposes.

•Social bookmarking sites are also really great for getting the word out- use them to make your videos much more visible, as well as working with RSS feeds.

•Make sure your video is embeddable. This is a vital part of making it viral- people like to be able to post the video itself to their blogs, boards and other sharing mediums.

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