Getting Noticed On Twitter

_twittter imagesI have mentioned before that Twitter can be a useful tool in running an online marketing campaign, however, if you do not know how to use the tool- it’s a bit like trying to mix cake batter with a ball peen hammer. Somewhat messy, a little fun, but ultimately, it just doesn’t do what you want it to. Twitter, when used properly in marketing can make a wonderful impact on things, giving businesses another platform for connecting with their target audience and better being able to drive traffic to their websites. So, I thought I would go into some tips and tricks for getting your business’ Twitter noticed and possibly re-tweeted.

First of all- let’s begin with your user name. If you run a law firm, you wouldn’t want your Twitter username to be something like Paul342. (Apologies, if there is in fact a Paul342 on Twitter.) Craft your user name so that it has something to do with the business that you are promoting. Use the same name for your user name that you did for your Twitter full name, and keep it aligned and short, for example: “PDanielslaw”. As this will be the fixed URL that users use to access your Twitter page, it is not only short, but descriptive enough.

The next place you’ll want to work on your Twitter profile, is your short bio, or “About Me” profile. Understand that this is going to be used as the meta description and create it accordingly- this is also the first part of your page, or sometimes interaction that a potential customer or client may have with your business, so don’t ever leave it blank. A little effort and about five minutes can go a long way in this. Mention what it is you intend to do with your Twitter, be that discussing different events you are attending, or announcing deals, content to your site, and the like.

The last part of this is the on going creation of Tweets. On Twitter, the Tweet is the mass message you send out to those who friend you, yes, but the most recent Tweets are displayed on your page, as well for those who have not. As with anything SEO, the Tweets need to be useful to those receiving them, yes. Make sure they are relevant to your business, and contain information that those who might utilize your services or purchase your products may want to know. The best way to optimize a Tweet so it can be easily shared is to actually keep it much more under the limit than you need- because when someone passes along a Tweet with the standard 140 character limit- a part of it gets cut off. So make your Tweets short, to the point, and if you’re going to throw in keywords, do so very sparingly.

Twitter is a great way to market yourself, and it does seem to be making more and more improvements as time goes on, so, if you aren’t already using it- consider it.