Give Your Customers Satisfaction with Get Satisfaction

We talked a little bit about UserVoice before, a great tool that allows you to set up discussion forums on your site, track and manage feedback and allow users to not just submit suggestions but to vote on the suggestions left by other too.  All-in-all the tool is truly exceptional for small businesses.  Now let’s look at another customer service based social media tool, Get Satisfaction.

Though somewhat similar to other feedback tools, Get Satisfaction does offer some unique capabilities that make it suitable for small businesses and big businesses alike.  Even those small businesses who took our advise and incorporated UserVoice into their websites might do well to utilized some of the features of Get Satisfaction, as well.

Get Satisfaction is awesome because it automatically compiles users questions and your responses to them to form an only FAQ page.  Future customers can then visit your site and perform a simple search for the answers to their common questions without having to submit a customer service request.  This saves you a lot of time and it allows users to get the information they need right away without having to wait for a response.

There isn’t really any need to go into how much money this can save your business on customer service staff (or time if you do it all yourself).  Get Satisfaction is one of the few tools out there that seems to be as popular with users as it is with site managers and business owners.   It’s not really much wonder though.

When it comes right down to it, if a person is given a choice between calling a toll free number and doing a quick internet search, the vast majority are going to go for the simple, straight forward method of finding what they need.  If nothing else, Get Satisfaction provides you and your customers a means of interacting without any of the awkwardness that so often is associated with making tedious customer support calls.

Since every submitted issue is recorded, your database of answers is continuously growing along with your business.  This eliminates the need to revise FAQ pages or even to update them.  It is all done automatically and organically.

Similar to UserVoice, Get Satisfaction works by means of a simple widget copied and pasted into your page code.  Anything submitted can then be accessed by you through the Get Satisfaction site.  Membership is insanely reasonable.  Last time I checked it was around $20/month.  That’s like an hour, hour and a half of pay for a paid customer service employee, and maybe a little more if you use a call center service.   Obviously, it is a pretty smart investment, especially if you find (like most of us) that 95% of the customer service calls you get are the same handful of questions.

Much like UserVoice, Get Satisfaction provides your users with a forum for touching base with your business and with other customers.  There isn’t anything that tells your customers that they are important more than soliciting their thoughts and opinions.