Google and SEO Consultants

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, consultants have a love hate relationship with search engine monster Google, Inc.  For ages, Google has been dismissing the role of an SEO, going as far as to caution users against hiring a SEO consultant as if they were thieves.  But recently Google has released information that they will be running tests in Norway offering SEO services.

Google beta-tests new ideas in varying markets on a regular basis, so it is hard to say if this is something that we will see on a broader scale in the future, or if it simply means that Google now understands the importance of SEO consultants in regards to their search engine.

Likely, it is the later.  That’s good news for SEO consultants however.  This change of heart is dramatic.  In the beginning, Google denied Search Engine Optimization even existed.  They went out of their way to make the general public feel that SEO consultants were just fringe webmaster’s out to profit off of the system.  While they did this, they were focusing on pay per click advertising, which makes perfect sense from a business stand point, even if it is highly unfair.  If there were no merit to search engine optimization, and therefore you had no need for a SEO consultant, your advertising dollars would be best spent at the source, pay per click advertising on Google itself.

Google’s claims held as much water as a sieve.  People began searching for ways to get traffic to their site that did not mean paying outrageous sums to be placed right next to their competition visibility wise.  Google created rule after rule making search engine optimization appear to be all but illegal, and often times those rules were rapidly changed as proven invalid by SEO consultants.

Times have changed it would seem.  Google realized that search engine optimization actually was outranking their pay per click in effectiveness, and as a result they began to embrace SEO consultants.  They finally started to listen, and even went as far as to admit SEO was something people needed to learn to run a successful website.  Shortly after, Google started offering courses on YouTube, publically addressing search engine optimization issues.

While Google has not encouraged people to turn to the professional SEO consultants, they have at the very least shown that search engine optimization is a crucial part of internet marketing, which in turn benefits the very SEO consultants that they spurned for so long.

All in all, this is good news for SEO consultants.  As the public becomes more aware of the need for a strong SEO plan they will turn to the professionals for help.  It is highly unlikely that Google employees will be putting the SEO consultant out of business; due to the sheer volume of manpower it would take for Google to launch this on a large scale.  It is refreshing to see Google extend the olive branch, so to speak.